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Try this 10-minute morning yoga routine

By Salma Haidrani
It's almost as energising as that double espresso


We confess: we wish we could roll out of our warm duvet and hit the treadmill at 6am. And making that effort is more than worth it – according to research by the British Journal of Nutrition, exercising before breakfast can make you lose 20% more fat.

But sometimes it’s hard to squeeze in the time. Thanks to author of Gorgeous for Good Sophie Uliano’s 10 minute morning yoga routine, getting out of bed (or your pajamas) no longer has to feel like a Herculean feat.


Cat (or cow):



On your hands and knees, gently inhale and press your belly toward the ground, arching your spine as you look up. Then exhale as you draw your bellybutton into your spine and release your head toward the ground. Go back and forth between these poses, breathing slowly and deeply, doing about ten sets.

Tip: When you inhale and arch your spine to look up, draw your shoulders away from your ears.

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Downward-facing dog:



From all fours, slowly bring yourself up to down dog. Start with your knees bent and gently release your heels, one at a time, into the earth. If you’re not able to do this right away, stay on your toes with your knees bent, and slowly stretch through your calves, with flat feet being a goal. Practice five slow full breaths in down dog.

Tip: Spread your fingers wide as you press your palms firmly into the floor.

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Standing forward bend:


From down dog, walk your hands back toward your toes to come into this rejuvenating forward bend. If your hamstrings are tight, bend your knees. Gently nod your head back and forth to release your neck. Stay in this pose for three to five breaths. When you are ready to come up, gently bend your knees and roll up one vertebra at a time until you are standing. Take a moment in your standing post re-adjust your posture, making sure your tailbone points toward the earth and the crown of your head draws up toward the sky.

Tip: When you are in this pose, look at your feet. Spread your toes wide apart and lift the arches of your feet.


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Adapted from ‘Gorgeous for Good: A Simple 30 Day Programme for Lasting Beauty – Inside and Out’ by Sophie Uliano (Hay House, £12.99). Follow Sophie Uliano on Twitter at @sophieuliano

Illustrations: Alexis Seabrook

Photography: Mara Abrams | Pinterest

Try this 10-minute morning yoga routine
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Try this 10-minute morning yoga routine
Squeeze in three simple yoga poses in our morning yoga routine and have a brighter and more energised day ahead
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