Healthy Sampler

A note on the September issue from our editorial director…

Happiness has long been the Holy Grail of the wellness world. While there is something a bit ‘pot of gold at the end of the rainbow’ about it, this issue we delve deep into the latest thinking on the topic – and, as is our habit, challenge the whole concept. Like the pot of gold, chasing it directly is likely to leave you frustrated. But there is plenty you can do to grow real and lasting happiness. From building overall life satisfaction, to improving self-worth and banishing negativity, our experts unpack their toolkits to help you feel better, even in these unprecedented and discombobulating times.

All our experts agree, positive habits can play a role in helping us live a happier life. During lockdown many of us managed to pick up a new habit – whether that was baking a daily loaf of fresh bread – or improve on one, such as making our weekly run more frequent. In our fitness section, we look at how to be a better runner, whether you’ve been doing it for years or have come to it while your gym has been closed.

What is clean and conscious beauty? While it may sound complicated, or too worthy to be fun (when beauty is so much about opening a lovely jar of a gorgeous-smelling balm or pouring something luscious into a bath) in reality it boils down to making better choices. Products that have been made and sourced with care – for you and the world around you. Regular readers will know we only ever feature clean beauty products in healthy – and they have to work, too. This issue we take a special look at the stand-out clean beauty ingredients that deliver and investigate what the beauty industry is doing to make us feel happier.

Enjoy the issue.


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