Healthy Sampler

Welcome to the March/April issue of healthy!

In this issue, we focus on sleep; why now is the perfect time to reset your sleep habits-and how do it. Sticking to the sleep theme, more than 40% of people in the UK snore – if this bothers you, or your snoring bothers somebody else, we have 5 expert ways to help you stop and boost your chances of a quiet night.

Our experts answer some of the most Googled health-related questions, including: How can I deal with anxiety? What causes high blood pressure? And can I speed up my metabolism?

Elsewhere in the issue, we look at how women could make for better endurance athletes than men, recommend how to actually care for your hair and investigate how to eco-proof your home. 

Find all of this, plus our usual expert-backed health and wellbeing content in the March/April issue of healthy, available online and in store at Holland & Barrett now.

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