Healthy Sampler

Welcome to the upgrade issue of healthy!

In the February edition, we look at how you can smash your goals in the new year. From tips on taking a positive approach to fitness to the technologies that promise to improve our cognitive abilities, we’re looking at how we can be bigger and better in 2020 and beyond.

We often find that making small lifestyle changes in the new year is more manageable than setting massive goals, which is why we’re focusing on little life upgrades in 2020. Whether you’re a marathon runner, or simply seeking a new class, you can find inspiration in our dedicated fitness section, where writer Laura Potter explains why we should embrace sweat, rather than being embarrassed of it.

And if Dry January sounds like an unrealistic undertaking, we’ve got some advice on going sober(ish) in the new year, with tips on dialling drinking back without going teetotal. Plus, we delve into the new frontier of cognitive enhancement tech, looking at the services that aim to boost your brain power.

Find all of this, plus our usual expert-led content on fitness, beauty and food in the latest issue of healthy.

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