Healthy Sampler

A note from our editor on the August issue…

While I’m hoping for sunshine, blue skies and at least a glimpse of the sea this summer, in other ways the holiday season is going to be pretty different this year. With that in mind, we’ve dedicated this issue of the magazine to the topic of inner strength – something we’re all having to call upon more than usual right now. Whether it’s sadness at cancelling a longed-for holiday with family or friends, struggling with the repetition and claustrophobia of our home-based routines, or over-arching anxiety about our futures, we’re tapping into our resilience reserves in a big way. Our main feature looks at different ways you can keep your emotional and physical strength supplies topped up.

Like millions of people around the world, I’ve found yoga to be massively helpful these last few months. I’ve always wanted to do more of it and in my WFH life, it’s replaced my cycle commute. Spending time on the mat first thing each morning to for an honestly-not-very-impressive-at-all 30-minute practice goes a long way towards giving me the mental space and strength I need to tackle each day (and my planks have gotten way better, too). Our yoga feature has flows whatever mood you’re in, whether you’re looking to deal with stress or increase your focus.

Elsewhere, we’ve pulled together advice from different leading experts for our essential immunity guide. We’ve got the insider advice on how to keep your house clean, the green way. And we’ve taken a look at what social distancing has done for our sex lives, whether you’re benefitting, or bored.

As always, we love to hear from you – it’s why we do it. Please get in touch via the usual channels, and look after yourselves,


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