Fitness / 09.12.2014

#Justmovemore on a budget

By Jo Wheatley
Can't afford a gym membership? No problem. Here's how to get fit on a budget


For healthy, fitness is about being active every day: to train our bodies, clear our minds and keep us well. The UK is ranked as the third most inactive population in Europe, so we want the nation to #justmovemore.

There are plenty of inexpensive yet fun ways to do it, so here are our top 10 ways to get personal-trainer fit on a run-round-the-block budget.

#Justmovemore and check yourself

Encouragement is great for helping us keep our goals. Finding a good fitness app will do the trick.

#Justmovemore and do the maths

If your gym’s yearly cost makes you wince, forget it. Clubs like Nuffield Health regularly offer day passes.

#Justmovemore and try no-strings

One study found pay-as-you-go gym-ers were more likely to use the gym after a year than those on a contract. Find deals at

#Justmovemore and kit yourself out

Invest in decent trainers, a good sports bra, yoga mat, free weights and resistance band to train at home.

#Justmovemore and go online

The internet is awash with fitness videos – trendy ballet workout classes, Barrecore, can now be streamed on their site for a cost-cutting £4.

#Justmovemore and use your body

It’s your best bit of equipment. ‘Fitness Blender’ on YouTube has inspiring workouts and Davina McCall also endorses bodyweight training – a few minutes can have a big impact on your metabolism.

#Justmovemore – it’s the little things

Hit the high street for an hour instead of shopping online and burn over 200 calories – more if you walk home with the heavy bags.

#Justmovemore and rethink date night

Swap dinner for a dance class or evening exploring a new town on foot. Bedroom activity also counts: 90 calories an hour, says new research.

#Justmovemore and round up the troops

Children fall well below NHS activity guidelines, so let the young ones choose your day out, or lure lazy teens with the spook-tastic Halloween Fright Hike (

#Justmovemore and make it fun

Extortionate gym fees are a negative incentive and won’t keep you going back for long. Before you sign a year’s contract, ensure you have positive reasons – maybe a fun new class or a workout buddy – to keep you going back.

Tell us your budget #justmovemore ideas on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We’re all free to move every day, so no excuses!

#Justmovemore on a budget
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#Justmovemore on a budget
Our Healthy campaign #Justmovemore aims to increase activity levels in the UK & get the nation fitter than ever. Find out how to #Justmovemore on a budget.
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