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#FeelGoodFebruary: Top 5 aromatherapy stress-busters

By Jo Wheatley
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Using essential oils to keep our cool has been around since forever and is endorsed by everyone from The Duchess of Cambridge to Miranda Kerr.

But which aromatherapy stress reliever will do the job? Jennifer Peace Rhind, former lecturer in complementary healthcare, writer and blogger, and author of a number of books on essential oils including Listening To Scent (Singing Dragon, £15.00) has the answers. Check out her guide to the best oils to use and keep yours handy for on-the-go soothing.

Short-term stress

For difficult journeys to work or giving presentations, ‘activating’ scents are useful. These include eucalyptus and rosemary, which improve blood flow to the brain.


If you’ve been bickering with your partner or friends, try harmonising oils such as ylang ylang, sandalwood, cedarwood, rose or jasmine. Clary sage or bergamot can also be good for diffusing anger.

Moving house

Look to oils associated with stamina, such as black pepper; comforting scents such as vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli; and rose and bergamot for lifting your spirits.

Dealing with an ongoing situation

When suffering a bereavement or relationship break-up, frankincense can help us find breathing space. Vetiver or black pepper can also help bolster personal resolve and anchor your feelings.

Long-term stress

If you are struggling with ongoing stress such as caring for an elderly relative or dealing with a demanding job, try relaxing and anxiety-relieving oils such as the earthy scents of vanilla, patchouli or vetiver, or the floral aroma of geranium.

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How to use them:

Inhale them from an ‘aromastick’ or a blotter (an absorbent card). Or try facial massage with the oils on your acupressure points including the middle of the hairline and between your eyebrows, the outer points of your eyebrows, and on the upper and lower parts of your cheekbones. Just be sure to dilute them first before using on skin – and always read the label.

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#FeelGoodFebruary: Top 5 aromatherapy stress-busters
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#FeelGoodFebruary: Top 5 aromatherapy stress-busters
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