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Hit your wellness goal with these 6 healthy podcasts

By Salma Haidrani
Whether you want to sleep sound or get your sweat on - we've got the perfect soundtrack













If you’ve ever found yourself needing a little more motivation to shift those stubborn pounds or the perfect podcast to unwind post-workout, look no further than Acast. But with over  5 million streams per month, we’re spoilt for choice. Thanks to Director of Content Adam Martin, it’s never been easier to find the perfect  fitness podcast…

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When you need to get through that tough workout:

Podrunner: Workout Music

If music is the only thing keeping you going through high-intensity training, then this perfect for you. Select a podcast by beats per minute or by genre of music – either way everything is about to get easier – and a lot more fun.


When you want to keep those sugar cravings at bay:

The Nutrition Diva’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Eating Well and Feeling Fabulous

We all lust after Instagram shots of kale salads and smoothies but the reality is, eating healthy is hard. Thankfully, Monica Renaigel is on hand to teach you why you should be eating clean while also answering the important questions such as ‘is the fruit in sangria healthy?’


When you need to unwind:


Chris, aka Chillsky, has a penchant for relaxing music and has curated the perfect playlist for you to wind down. This podcast will have you chilled and relaxed before you even realise you’ve switched off


When you want to lose those stubborn pounds:

Food for Fitness

Hosted by Aberdeen-based personal fitness coach and online trainer Scott Baptie, this is the perfect podcast to keep you motivated. From losing stubborn fat to building body muscle, Scott can dish out useful advice and the charm to make you keep listening.

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When you need some early morning run inspo:

Lazy Girl Running

If you’ve ever come last on sports day or faked a sick note in PE, this ‘non-runners’ running guide is the perfect podcast for you. If Laura, who once “came last in the 800 metres on sports day” turned into an 11-time marathon runner and Level 3 personal trainer, why can’t you?


When you need to get some shut-eye:

ASMR Podcast

For busy brains who have trouble drifting off, this calming podcast is exactly what you need to get some much-needed shut-eye. After all, numerous studies have found that not only will your workout will suffer as a result of insufficient sleep but your health – 7/8 hours of shut eye can reduce your risk of developing obesity, diabetes and heart diease.


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Hit your wellness goal with these 6 healthy podcasts
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Hit your wellness goal with these 6 healthy podcasts
Get your sweat on with these workout podcasts
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