Health / 05.12.2017
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Supercharge your immune system

By Hattie Parish
Easy ways to beat winter colds

Sniffle season is here –  the time of year when our days become an assault course of germs, and public transport leaves as exposed to bugs like a sitting duck! However, there are many measures we can take to help avoid the risk of being struck down by colds and flu.

Nutritionist Angelique Panagos, says: ‘At this time of year, I make every effort to stay well by eating well (there are plenty of wonderful foods packed full of immune-boosting nutrients to help keep fighting fit), by upping my vitamin intake, and by trying not to get run down.’ She has these tips to support your system, as the temperatures fall.

Eat well
Eat your way to 10-a-day for a barrage of protective antioxidants! Seasonal greats such as Brussels sprouts and butternut squash will see you towards getting plenty of immunity-strengthening zinc and vitamin C. Some of our best immune warriors can actually be found in the kitchen. My top five immune-boosting foods are: turmeric, garlic, ginger, bone broth and spinach. They all help improve immune function.

Get moving
Regular movement aids the respiratory tract, sending airborne bacteria on their (defeated) way! Already feeling run down? Keep things gentle. Wrap up warm and take yourself on a daily walk.

Stay hydrated
Sip those fluids to help flush toxins through! Hot lemon water and steeped fresh ginger teas will soothe scratchy throats in an antioxidant-filled flash. Add a dash of manuka honey to boost the antibacterial benefit.

Take your immune supplements
Bee propolis, which has been used for centuries thanks to its clever antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties is great for helping ward off colds and flu, as is astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant which can stimulate the body’s natural killer cells, and antiviral reishi mushrooms. Find them all in one of my fave supplements – Bee Prepared Immune Formula.

What’s all the buzz about?
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