Health / 15.12.2018

5 tips to boost health, energy and wellbeing

By Healthy Magazine
Supercharge your immune system

Every so often we just get tired of our boring old ways and slack habits, and tell ourselves we are FINALLY going to knuckle down and be better. Here are five simple tips to set you in good stead year round, to help you stay fit, healthy and energetic, easily.

1 Declutter

Having loads of stuff you don’t need hanging about is draining. Donate or get rid of things you don’t like or don’t use. Living a more minimalist lifestyle has been shown to boost wellbeing and happiness levels. The book The Joy of Less by Francine Jay is terrific.

2 Set achievable nutrition goals

Nutritionist Sally Wisbey advises committing to a number of small changes, like trying to eat a few new vegetables, fruits and healthy meals each month, and instead of forgoing all sweets, for example, try cutting back on or eliminating a couple of things that aren’t great for you, such as sodas. Sugar can negatively impact the immune system, and bacteria feed off sugar, so it’s best to limit intake to help improve health.

3 Tackle low energy

Help beat brain fog and fatigue, and boost energy by reducing sugar, refined carbs and consuming less junk. Sally suggests supplementing with nutrients which have been shown to be helpful for energy and focus such as bee pollen (which contains the full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and amino acids), spirulina, ginseng and rosehips. She also advises taking it easy on coffee and says matcha is a great substitute as it contains high levels of the amino acid L-theanine, which is calming. Plus matcha and green tea provide an abundance of health benefits. All of these ingredients are found in Bee Energised energy and focus supplements.

4 Strengthen your immune system to help avoid colds, flu, illness and allergies

Nutritionist Lucinda Miller explains that that when we get busy, stressed and run down, it can take a toll on our immune system, especially during the winter months. Luckily, she says, Mother Nature provides plenty of clever ways to keep our immune system robust, including well-researched natural antimicrobials such as elderberry, olive leaf and bee propolis, all of which are found in Bee Prepared Immune Formulas. Gentle exercise, adequate sleep, eating well and reducing sugar and alcohol intake will also help reinforce natural defences.

Have fun with fitness

Why not try one new fitness activity or class every week or so? If nothing else, at least promise yourself that you will do 10- 15 minutes of SOMETHING every day – whether that’s sit-ups, weights at home, a run or a brisk walk. Once you form a habit, you’ll most likely start to do more, and that includes eating better and looking after yourself more.


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