Health / 23.03.2019

Give your gut some TLC

By Healthy Magazine
Bimuno is an easy way to promote the growth of good gut bacteria

It’s all too easy to neglect gut health and ignore niggly digestive issues such as cramps, bloating, constipation or diarrhoea. But it’s time to start giving your gut some TLC – science increasingly shows gut health plays a role in our wellbeing, affecting everything from our mood to whether we catch a cold.

Whilst in rare cases these issues may be connected to more serious reasons, if you have ruled these out, it may be time to look at your diet and lifestyle.

Our gut is home to trillions of bacteria, viruses and fungi, known as the microbiome. An abundance of good bacteria leads to a diverse microbiome, which is associated with the immune system and cognitive function, but stress, poor diet, insomnia, illness or taking antibiotics can all disrupt this balance.

One way to get more ‘friendly’ bacteria is through fibre in your diet. However, research shows only 4% of women and 9% of men reach the recommended daily target of 30g. This should include ‘fermentable’ prebiotic fibre, which feeds friendly bacteria and is found in foods such as legumes (beans, chickpeas, lentils), cashews, pistachios and oat milk.

Choose Bimuno®

Bimuno is a food supplement designed to contribute towards your fermentable fibre target. Its active ingredient is a unique, patented form of galactooligosaccharides (GOS), a type of prebiotic fibre which helps to stimulate the growth of good bacteria in the gut. Each sachet of Bimuno contributes 2g of your 5g recommended daily fermentable fibre intake.

Bimuno is scientifically proven to restore balance in just 7 days*. Those with a sensitive stomach are recommended to take a dose of half a sachet of Bimuno DAILY per day. A recent study found it as effective as a low-FODMAP diet (a diet low in poorly absorbed simple and complex sugars) in some people.**

Independent TrustPilot testimonials show high levels of satisfaction. Simply dissolve the powder in a hot or cold drink, stir or sprinkle over food – the choice is yours. Each pack contains 30 sachets.

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*Scientific data shows that daily use of Bimuno increases gut bifidobacteria levels within seven days, results may vary. **Please consult your health care professional if following or if you wish to follow a low-FODMAP diet. If you are pregnant, breast-feeding or under medical supervision, consult your doctor before taking supplements.