Fitness / 09.12.2014

Stop sitting and #justmovemore

By Jo Wheatley
Our fitness campaign is simple but packs a serious message – #justmovemore!


We’ve started the #justmovemore campaign because studies have shown that the average UK adult spends around 20 hours of each day either sitting or lying down and that’s really not good for us.

That means we are only spend 4 hours each day moving around and the rest of the time we are sedentary. Crazy, isn’t it?

The problem is that sitting down for hours is linked to many health concerns.

It affects how our bodies break down sugars and fats. Our muscles burn less fat and blood flows more slowly, which is linked to high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. Your pancreas can become overactive, leading to diabetes.

Sitting badly can cause back problems. If there’s no weight-bearing activity, lower-body bones are not strengthened, leading to a risk of osteoporosis. Then there’s the tight hips, limp glutes and soft abs…

If you spend most of your day sat at a desk, take some time out to strengthen that core

Visiting the gym a few times a week isn’t enough. We’re not asking you to run a marathon, but our challenge to you is to #justmovemore every day: walk instead of driving; visit friends instead of instant messaging them.

NHS guidelines recommend around 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise at least five days a week (like Zumba, cycling or jogging), plus a couple of muscle strengthening sessions. Most of us do barely a quarter of this: around 50 minutes a week.

It’s always possible to squeeze in a short exercise session – how about a Tabata class?

So as well as moving more every day, we want to help you hit those exercise targets. Every issue of healthy is packed with inspiration, from new fitness classes to motivational tips. Keep tabs on our tweets, where we will be sharing our ideas and efforts, and join us on Facebook and Twitter – we’d love to hear your suggestions, too!

Here’s our top tips to #justmovemore:

Count your steps

Use a pedometer and make sure you clock up at least 10,000 steps a day – it’s easier than it sounds!

Make it social

A chat with a friend feels better after a game of badminton or a swim.

Set an example – studies show that children whose parents exercise are more active. Kick a ball, walk to the swings, book horse-riding lessons or hit the mini-golf course.

Reconnect with your other half

Exercise together – cycling, walking or kayaking!

And a few more suggestions…

#justmovemore for endorphins. Release feel-good chemicals that combat low mood and depression.

#justmovemore outside. Exercising in green space or near water elevates mood and promotes calm.

#justmovemore in a group. An exercise buddy can push you to that yoga class.

#justmovemore for a sense of achievement. Aim for a target and create a training plan with weekly goals.

#justmovemore for charity. Support a cause – ‘doing good’ boosts happiness.

#justmovemore for your self-esteem. Lose weight and improve body image.

Stop sitting and #justmovemore
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Stop sitting and #justmovemore
Healthy magazine's fitness campaign #justmovemore is simple but packs a serious message – stop sitting and get involved!
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