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Stop nits naturally: Janey Lee Grace’s plan of attack

By Janey Lee Grace
Here's how to beat these blighters without toxins


Let’s talk about nits: they’re are a curse for every parent and I’m convinced there are more about nowadays. What we can be sure about is that catching head lice is not linked to how often you wash their hair, or whether its short or long.

There are no rules as to whose scalp they will take up residence on. There are various chemical and non-chemical solutions available but after much research I’m convinced that if you want to stop nits naturally, it’s not about the products used, it’s down to thorough combing and careful timing.

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What not to do

The problem is that once the child starts itching (and remember, not all children do itch yet can still be infected), we tend to apply the lotions and potions and comb through and assume ‘job done’, breathing a sigh of relief that that’s over with at least for a few months. Sadly not, the problem is that the actual head lice may be removed, but within a day or so the tiny little eggs (that were too tiny for the eye to see) will have hatched and it all starts again.

Take action

The trick is to use a decent metal head lice comb, apply lots of natural conditioner and painstakingly comb through rinsing out in running water, then repeat in a specific cycle over two weeks. If you comb on days 1,5, 9, 13 (maybe make a calendar or set some reminders on your smartphone!) the theory is that by then you’ve broken the reproductive cycle and gotten rid of the blighters for a while!

To minimise the chances of attracting head lice it is worth making a final shampoo rinse. Mix lavender, geranium and basil essential oils, which are known for their cleansing and antibacterial properties. Many parents also swear by tea tree oil, a natural insecticide, as a deterrent.

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Superfood for the scalp

It’s worth trying Tiana Raw organic extra virgin coconut oil; due to its fatty content it can help to suffocate the lice and make it harder for them to cling into the strands of hair. You can use it on its own as a deep intensive conditioner or use with shampoo before combing. Just mix a few tablespoons with a ten-pence size worth of natural shampoo and a few drops of tea tree oil. Mix it up and apply over hair and scalp, cover with a shower cap and leave for an hour then wash off and comb through repeatedly.

Want more info? Head to the NHS Choices site:

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Stop nits naturally: Janey Lee Grace's plan of attack
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Stop nits naturally: Janey Lee Grace's plan of attack
Headlice are a nightmare, but you don't need harsh chemicals to get rid. Stop nits naturally with tips from wellbeing expert Janey Lee Grace
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