Fitness / 04.03.2014

#Justmovemore with your family

By Jo Wheatley
Get the gang together for a family work-out


Don’t fall short of the recommended minimum of 2-and-a-half hours moderate-intensity aerobic activity a week. Involve the whole family to get fit and fight boredom with our #justmovemore campaign.

#Justmovemore and get walking

It’s free and you can have a good chat with your family as you stroll along – another wellbeing boost. Visit your local park or get some new route ideas from websites such as and, whether you’re after a short walk or a 10-mile trek.

#Justmovemore and be a water baby

Swimming uses all your muscle groups and the resistance of the water is a good body toner. Plus, even if you’re just messing around with the kids in the shallow end it all still counts!

#Justmovemore and saddle up

Even if you haven’t been on a bike since you were 12, encourage the whole family to get behind the handlebars – kids will love it. If you haven’t got access to any wheels yourself, hire some (via sites such as, from as little as £2.50 a day to get spinning.

#Justmovemore and go for games

Whether you’ve invested in a Wii Fit or you’re playing an energetic game of Twister or Charades, nothing beats a touch of friendly festive competition. Crack out old party favourites too, such as musical statues to encourage some wild dance moves and get you and the family off the sofa and encourage communication as a bonus.

Tell us your family #justmovemore fitness ideas on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We’re all free to move every day, so no excuses!