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10 ways to beat your sugar cravings

By Roisin Dervish-O'Kane
Here’s how to rethink your treats and outsmart your sweet tooth


You don’t need to overload on sugar to maximise on taste, says Sarah Wilson, author of I Quit Sugar for Life. Banish sugar cravings for good with these top tips:

1 Start off savoury

‘The way you start the day is generally the way you will continue. Try my Paleo Inside-out Bread for breakfast: the usual sandwich toppers are embedded in the bread, so there’s a meal-in-one in every slice.’

2 Fall in love with (good) fat

‘People are scared of it, but fat is just not fattening. Add ½ tablespoon per person of butter or extra-virgin olive oil to steamed vegetables and salads. Without it, you’ll miss out on the essential fat-soluble minerals A, E, D and K, and you won’t feel as satisfied after your meal.’

3 Add sweet spices

‘Cinnamon, in particular, can help reduce the urge for sugar – I often use it instead in my coffee. Try adding dash into your coffee-maker as it brews, to infuse the blend.’

4 Rethink your fruit

‘Stick to one or two servings of low-fructose fruit such as berries or kiwi fruit each day, and eat it with protein or fat as a part of your meal. Have some melon with prosciutto like the Italians do, or pair half an apple with some little cheese. That always stops me raiding the fridge after dinner!’

5. Eat like you mean it

‘Eating three meals a day is so important. A measly little salad for lunch just won’t do. If you eat proper meals, you won’t need to snack. Try my Not So Niçoise Cauliflower ‘Pizza’.’

6. Eat coconut oil, by the spoon.

‘I still get sugar cravings, and this is my secret weapon to beat them. Scoop out one heaped tablespoon of raw, virgin coconut oil and eat after lunch, or whenever you feel a craving coming on. It’s one of the best blood-sugar balancers and makes a Nutella-like chocolately treat if you mix it with cocoa powder.’

7. Snack on nut butter

‘It tastes quite sweet and the fats and proteins fill you up quickly.’

8. Go naturally sweet

‘Use ingredients such as coconut oil or flakes or sweet potato to sweeten up your meals, and they’ll pack a nutritional punch, too.’

9. Enjoy a glass of red

I have a glass of red wine with dinner six nights a week. Research suggests heavier reds, such as a Shiraz, can actually help balance your blood sugar levels during a meal . White wine or champagne have a higher fructose content, so can disrupt blood sugar.’

10. Look on the bright side

It’s not about what you can’t eat, but what you can. Don’t think, ‘I can’t have dessert,’ think ‘Wahey! Halloumi cheese!’ or ‘Unreal – I can have the crackling on pork!”

10 ways to beat your sugar cravings
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10 ways to beat your sugar cravings
You don't need to overload on sugar to maximise on taste, says Sarah Wilson. Banish sugar cravings for good: rethink your treats, outsmart your sweet tooth.
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