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Our new favourite healthy morning ritual in London

By Roisin Dervish-O'Kane
Need some live-well inspiration? Head to Soho first thing to treat your mind, body - and belly


Once the hours between six and nine AM were to be snoozed, rushed and caffeinated through. But from elaborate eggy breakfasts, to metabolism-firing circuits classes, they’re now a prime time for doing the little things that make your day that bit better.

At Healthy we’re big believers that getting your AM routine down is essential for having a calm, happy and successful day. To our mind there are three essential elements: a bit of movement, something nutrient-packed and delicious, and anything that calms your mind.

We set our alarms to ‘early’ and made it to the first of the PRESS Summer Sunrise Sessions in London’s Soho, and can confirm they nail all three.

First up, it’s yoga in the verdant garden on the roof of Soho’s Ham Yard Hotel. The sessions are gentle, so you don’t have to be able to do an Instagram-worthy back bend to get involved.


This ‘awakening’ sequence starts with an extended breathing exercise, before flowing between poses like Downface Dog, Warrior 2 and the Windmill to perk up your sluggish morning body.

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The joyful lie down, AKA Savasana, at the end of the class is a little window of self-indulgent ‘me-time’, complete with tinkly bells and talk of ‘centering’ and ‘journeys’. But wellness jargon aside, you feel the benefits of taking five minutes just to breathe almost immediately.

Once you’re all stretched and zenned out it’s time to refuel downstairs at luxe juice bar PRESS.


Their California Health Shakes are no measly Goop-esque offering. From the espresso-meets-cacao hit of the Java Espresso to the creamy avocado and coconut in the Alkaline Blend, these are satisfying smoothies, that won’t leave you scrabbling around for a snack come 11am. From bee pollen to goji’s to chia – every of-the-moment super ingredient is ready to be added to your custom blend too. Well worth that 6am wake up call.

Does this healthy morning ritual sound like your thing? The free PRESS Summer Sunrise Sessions are 7:15 – 9am on Monday 24th August and 7th September. Email, quoting ‘Summer Sunrise Sessions’ in the subject line. 

Our new favourite healthy morning ritual in London
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Our new favourite healthy morning ritual in London
Need some new healthy morning ritual inspiration? Head to London's Soho to treat your mind, body and belly at the PRESS Summer Sunrise Sessions
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