Beauty / 28.06.2019

Healthy tries… a tailored facial

By Hattie Parish
Can a bespoke approach tackle problem skin?

I have one of those faces where I can’t hide what I’m feeling. Disgust me? Oh, I’ll look disgusted – it’s certainly made for some awkward exchanges. And for my skin health, it’s a similar story. Hormones, pollution, a heavy night – they all play out their effects across my complexion. Which is how I wound up in the talented hands of Chelseé Lewis, a celebrity facialist based in Mayfair. Her Le Visage Signature Facial promises to address each client’s concerns and needs, while deep cleansing, evening skin tone and softening lines and wrinkles. Yes please.

Chelseé starts by asking me about my skin, and we pinpoint that hormones are really my issue at the moment, plus a nice dose of London pollution thrown in there for good measure. She also asks how I am – stressed, tired, perky? – and chooses her essential oils based on my answers. We begin with calming scents of lavender and patchouli.

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The 75 minute treatment incudes a clever micro-peel to rejuvenate and speed up skin renewal. Chelseé tells me this gets to work on both congestion and fine lines (which she kindly insists I don’t have, but I beg to differ). A thorough extraction follows (SO satisfying), as well as two different masks – one detoxing, one hydrating.

Finally, the specialist massage, which passes in a blissful blur. Chelseé really knows her stuff, concentrating on my congested areas – this helps clear them – while lulling me into a deep relaxation at the same time. This, she tells me afterwards, is the most important part, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the skin while draining toxins and banishing puffiness. Invigorating eucalyptus oil brings me out my reverie, and when Chelseé offers me a mirror, I’m surprised to find my skin mark-free after such a deep extraction, and glowing.

Like all good facials, this one is an education – throughout, Chelseé explains what she’s doing and why, and gives me notes on how to look after my skin going forward. I learn that my skin is actually a little dehydrated, which stops the extraction being as effective as it could be. I’m left with homework to tackle that as well as to continue increased circulation to the congested areas of my skin.

I’m dismayed to have to get the tube home afterwards – Chelseé promises this won’t undo her hard work, but implores me to cleanse again as soon as I get home and avoid acids until the next day. Upon which, my skin is luminous, my pores are clearer and I look like I’ve been on a tranquil two week holiday – so thumbs up from me. While not cheap at £130, you do get a gloriously long treatment and bespoke service. Plus, having Chelseé identify your problem areas means you go away armed with the knowledge to tackle your skin for life – and can you really put a price on that?

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