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How can I protect my skin from pollution?

By Kelly Lloyd-Sanderson
Live in the city? Protect your skin with these three expert tips

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A recent report by the World Health Organisation has revealed that a number of cities in the UK are breaking the international limit for air pollution. Pollution can have many damaging effects, especially on women living within a city as research shows that women who live in urban areas age quicker than those in rural areas, but have you ever thought about its effect on your skin?

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During the warmer summer months, gases that contribute towards the erosion of the ozone layer make the sun less shielded, allowing accelerated UV rays to hit your skin harder. These rays can cause premature ageing, hyper-pigmentation and a decrease in collagen production in the skin. Health, wellness and beauty brand Arbonne give three simple tips on how you can minimise damage and stay protected.

1 Shield and protect
You may not be overly familiar with facial serums, but many intensive formulas can create a barrier to pollution and prevent its adverse effects. Try products that contain fatty acids as this clever ingredient shields the skin from the environment while hydrating the layers underneath. A key ingredient to look out for is buckthorn oil; a concentrated antioxidant that draws environmental toxins out of the skin, preventing any further damage and reducing existing symptoms.

Wash your face twice daily
The warmer weather can create smog in urban areas, meaning skin can become dirtier, trapping bacteria in our pores which can result in break outs, dehydration and ultimately speed up the ageing process. Some face washes can leave a film layer on the skin and don’t offer a deep cleanse that clears pores, so using one which effectively removes dirt on the skin is essential. Sticking to natural, botanically-based products with no perfumes or parabens is also highly recommended, as this will ensure environmental toxins are removed without stripping the natural oils from the skin.

3 Exfoliate daily
Dark spots and wrinkles can occur as a result of harmful dirt left on the skin, giving you a dull overall appearance. Using a daily scrub to remove dead skin cells allows new and undamaged ones to develop, rejuvenating skin and scrubbing away any lasting damage. Furthermore, as skin regrows it increases youthfulness, elasticity and helps lock in natural oils and moisture.

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How can I protect my skin from pollution?
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How can I protect my skin from pollution?
As pollution levels break the international limit in many cities, consult our guide on how to protect your skin in three steps. Find out more.
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