Beauty / 25.02.2019

The dry skin rescue plan you need

By Francesca Specter
Because drinking those two litres isn't enough

If we had a pound for every time a model told us her great skin was down to drinking lots of water, we’d be quids in. But new expert advice suggests what we suspected: it takes more than glugging two litres a day to unlock that glow.

‘Drinking plenty of fluids is vital for your general health,’ says dermatologist Nick Lowe. ‘But this alone isn’t sufficient to maintain a complexion that’s smooth and bright – especially if you’re naturally predisposed to dryness. You need to use products that penetrate the skin’s outer layers and trap in moisture.’

So, if our painstaking water-sipping efforts won’t save us, what will? We’ve rounded up our three top solutions to support your skin:

Start the day right

According to Dr Lowe, the most efficient way to protect skin is from the outside – starting with a hard- working day cream applied in the morning. ‘Good topical products, containing moisturising ingredients such as glycerin and oat extracts, keep the skin hydrated by limiting water loss,’ he explains. ‘This also protects skin from further exposure to external toxins like pollution.’ Try Trilogy Vital Moisturising Cream, which contains both.

Sleeping beauty

Skin needs a hand while you catch those zzzs, too. ‘The best time to apply hydrating products is in the evening,’ says Lowe. ‘Overnight, the skin has a more efficient repair system than during the day.’ He advises applying your cream 15 minutes before bedtime, to let it soak in. We love Jojoba Intense Overnight Renewal Cream from The Jojoba Company.

Wonder supplements

Hyaluronic acid, a natural substance in our bodies, has long been used in products from skin creams to injectable fillers – and now, studies have found that ingesting it (via supplements) can boost the skin’s moisture from inside. ‘It holds many times its own weight in water,’ explains nutritionist Alice Bradshaw, so it complements your skin’s natural hydration. Try Solgar Hyaluronic Acid Complex tablets.


The dry skin rescue plan you need
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The dry skin rescue plan you need
Experts agree: it takes more than glugging two litres a day to unlock a glowing complexion. Give your skin the hydration it needs with our three top tips.
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