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Healthy review: iFit Fitness Tracker

By Salma Haidrani
Healthy's advertising executive Kat McCabe wanted to see if a piece of wearable tech could help her stick to her summer-body goals

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What’s new about it?

iFit is now of the easiest, most wearable ways to see how active you actually are on a daily basis. It’s the first time a band has been produced that allows you to input your calorie intake so now you don’t have to try and remember everything you’ve downed throughout the day. iFit also monitors your sleep as well as enabling you to scan the barcode on products and automatically input food.

Perhaps best of all, it also a reminder to get up and go for a walk. This was particularly helpful, as my office job means hours can pass without  me moving from my desk.

Has it helped you in any tangible way?

Using the iFit opened my eyes about my eating habits! Having to log everything you eat and drink made me very aware of what I was consuming. It also made me more conscious of how much exercise I was doing each day.

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Best bit?

It was a huge advantage to see the effect iFit was having. When I walked up the escalators rather than standing, for example, I could see that it did have an impact as it was reflected my stats.

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Worst bit?

Overall, the iFit is very user friendly. Logging calories into the band is simple and seeing your progress through the band is straightforward. The battery life is also good – I used it for over a week with needing to charge it.

At £79, it’s great value for money. It’s easy to use and really opens your eyes to what you’re really eating and how much exercise you’re doing on a daily basis. I’d be lost without mine now!

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Healthy review: iFit Fitness Tracker
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Healthy review: iFit Fitness Tracker
The iFit tracker is billed as an easy way to see how active you really are on a daily basis. We put it through its paces.
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