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How I found my Healthy Weight: Samantha Faiers

By Roisin Dervish-O'Kane
The reality TV star talks Crohn's disease, juicing nightmares and her love of fitness

The former reality TV star and Crohn’s disease sufferer is on a mission to get us all slim, healthy and strong with her new website Celebrity Training with Sam Faiers: But it hasn’t always been tough workouts and feel-good food. Here, she shares the food and fitness lessons she’s learned to help you reach your healthy weight.

1. Eat what you want

I’m good about what I fill my body with. I love fruit and veggies and fish and meat, but I’m not a mad strict dieter. I would never say: ‘Oh no, I can’t have bread’. So long as you’re exercising on a regular basis, you can let yourself eat things that you enjoy. It’s important to eat the food that you like, it makes me happy and I’m sure it must make a lot of other people happy, too.

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2. Know your limits

When I was first diagnosed with Crohn’s disease I was on a shake diet, and after I came off that I was very strict with myself and cut out a lot. Now I’m in phase two of remission, and I’ve got everything under control, so I’m a lot more relaxed about it. I just have to avoid certain things: anything spicy or acidic, so a hot curry or tomatoes and wine are all out. Just one glass and the next day I’ll feel like I’ve got the worst hangover ever. So not worth it!

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3. Drink loads of water

Whenever I want to lose a couple of pounds I drink as much water as possible – especially if I’ve had a bad week eating. Two litres just seems to wash everything through and it makes your skin and hair look great, too.

4. Don’t follow fads

I need my three meals a day. I tried juicing, nearly passed out and ended up having a McDonald’s on day two. I couldn’t get out of my bed and my mum was like, ‘Pull yourself together, what have you done?’ I felt so weak I genuinely couldn’t move. Never again.

5. Remember, it’s all in the timing

I always try to start big in the morning and go lighter throughout the day. So long as you eat well the rest of the day, even having that bacon sandwich in the morning is not the end of the world. Eating something substantial and good in the morning sets you up for the day and gives you the fuel you need – whether you’re working or a mum running around. Plus, it will keep you full up so you’ll probably have a lighter lunch.

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6. Work it off

As women, we’re hard on ourselves and there is always room for improvement. But this New Year, don’t make yourself miserable by depriving yourself; do everything in moderation, eat the stuff you love and exercise regularly. Don’t think about diet and exercise in terms of being skinny, think about them helping you reach your healthy weight, making you strong – and allowing you to feel great in your clothes.


How I found my Healthy Weight: Samantha Faiers
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How I found my Healthy Weight: Samantha Faiers
The former reality TV star and Crohn’s disease sufferer is on a mission to get us all slim, healthy and strong. Here's how she got to her healthy weight.
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