Health / 07.02.2015

The big issue: Why it’s time to Sleep On It

By Roisin Dervish-O'Kane
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Forget multitasking and driving yourself to your limit, experts are increasingly realising that a good night’s sleep is the key to feeling content, energised and at the top of your game.


But we’re just not getting enough. Two-thirds of us struggle to get a decent night’s kip, with over half of women surveyed by The Sleep Council blaming stress or worry.

‘Sleep accounts for one third of our lives,’ says Dr Guy Meadows, clinical director at London’s The Sleep School and creator of The Sleep School app.  ‘But we’re struggling to make it a priority.

‘It’s fighting for our attention with longer working hours, stress and busier lives. Whenever we lack energy we think we need to eat or exercise when, in truth, the easiest thing we can do is get more, and better quality, sleep.’ Sounds more appealing that that 6:30am spin class, right?

That’s why Team healthy are making helping you get proper, restorative sleep the top of our to-do list. From beditation techniques to sleep apps and science-backed solutions from the world’s leading experts, we’ve been busy investigating new methods of sleeping more soundly. We’ll be sharing some of these online so keep an eye out – and make sure you pick up our brand new issue for the comprehensive guide to successful slumbering.

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The big issue: Why it's time to Sleep On It
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The big issue: Why it's time to Sleep On It
Experts believe a good night’s sleep is key to feeling energised and at the top of your game. That's why team healthy are making yours our no.1 priority
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