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Life hack: 3 ways to be kind to yourself

By Jo Wheatley
Tired of being strung out? It's time to show yourself some love


Stressed, exhausted and never feeling quite good enough? Stop, slow down and be kind to yourself. Happiness starts with practicing a bit of self-love.

Start with these three easy tips from GP and life coach, Dr Susan Biali:

1 Save your energy

You might wake up and feel full of va va voom and ready to clean your entire house before going for a run – but that doesn’t mean you should. ‘Just because you have more energy doesn’t mean you need to use it up straight away and then feel exhausted again,’ says Biali. Build up your reserves and you’ll feel more able to deal with any stressful situations that come your way throughout the day.

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2 Stop being late

We’re all trying to cram so much into our lives, we often end up rushing to appointments. But fighting your way through traffic or arriving at your meeting breathless and sweaty will just crank up your stress levels. ‘Save your stress hormones for real stress, not unnecessary stress that you create for yourself,’ says Biali. ‘Just giving yourself five extra minutes to get to your destination can totally change your experience.’

3 Give yourself a break

We’re our own harshest critics. Maybe you often work through your lunch break as you just don’t have time to stop. ‘People often go from one task to another without taking time out, trying to do everything as quickly as possible,’ says Biali. ‘Try slowing down and pausing for a while between each task; remind yourself to breathe deeply.’ This will help you feel more relaxed and ready for the next challenge.

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Life hack: 3 ways to be kind to yourself
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Life hack: 3 ways to be kind to yourself
Happy, balanced and successful people practice self love. Be kind to yourself today with these three easy tweaks.
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