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8 of the best: fitness stocking fillers

By Francesca Specter
Give your loved ones a fitness boost this Christmas

An elite athlete at peak action, running up a steep trail in the mountains.

While Christmas is traditionally a time to indulge, many of us are already planning a New Year fitness regime to reboot our health and shed some of those festive pounds. If your family members or friends are getting ready to hit the ground running come 2016, give their resolutions a boost with these handy fitness accessories. Believe us – they’ll be thanking you in January!

Here are 8 of our favourites:

1. Stay stylish

kale web


Your loved one will be dressed to kale – sorry – in this on-trend sweatshirt from SeaSoul & Snow. Other tops from the same brand include the slogans ‘Chia, Organic Energy, Macca and Beet’ – presumably to keep the wearer’s mind on their favourite healthy food trend while they exercise!
Superfood Series sweat top, £40, seasoulandsnow.com


2. Post-workout spritz

travalo web

This is a great gift for someone who’s always rushing to and from the gym. The mini perfume spray bottle holds more than enough to top up on your favourite scent when you’re on-the-go. The added perk? You can take it on aeroplanes, too.
Travalo Classic perfume atomiser, £12.50, travalo.com


3. Tame your locks

popband web


Perfect for those who like to stay chic while they run, the Popband Headband from the brand’s active range will ensure they never have a hair out of place during exercise. With an added silicone grip, they are specially designed not to slip off during gruelling workouts.
Popband Headband, £6 for 2, thepopband.com


4. Track your effort

heart web

Many fitness fans will already have bought a fitbit for their wrist, but the MYZONE MZ-3 Physical Activity belt claims to go one step further. Strapped around your middle just below the bra strap, this gadget will measure your heart rate, meaning it motivates by rewarding effort rather than fitness.
MYZONE MZ-3 Physical Activity belt, £129.99, myzone.org 


5. Move to the beat

sony web 2

If your loved one is into running, Sony Smart B-Trainer headphones are the ideal present to turn their exercise up a notch. Paired with the ‘Smart B-Trainer for running’ app, they measure calorie burn, distance and more while providing a voice coaching service to motivate the user through their journey. Just want to listen to music? The app automatically selects tunes to match the tempo you are running at – like having your own personal DJ run along with you!
Sony Smart B-Trainer headphones, £230, sony.net


6. Keep cool

swell web

There’s nothing quite like a chilled glass of water to cool you down during a workout – but in reality you normally end up swigging from a lukewarm plastic bottle. Enter hydration 2.0. The non-leaching, non-toxic S’Well bottle will keep drinks cold for 24 hours or alternatively – if you’re walking out in the cold – hot for 12.
Rouge Crocodile Bottle, £29.95, swellbottle.com


7. Fuss-free laundry

stnky web

We’ve all been guilty of leaving a sweaty unwashed gym kit lying about – but the Stnky bag makes it as easy as possible to keep on top of your laundry – easily one of the most useful fitness stocking fillers around. The mesh panel allows you to just throw your workout gear – bag and all – straight in the washing machine, fresh to take out the next morning. Sorted!
Stnky kit bag, £20, stnkybags.co.uk


8. Get fruity

biosynergy web

Exercise goes hand in hand with staying hydrated, but many find the taste of water alone dull. The Bio-Synergy fruit infuser bottle is a healthy way to make your water more exciting, encouraging you to keep swigging through your workout.
Bio-Synergy fruit infuser bottle, £14,99, bio-synergy.uk

8 of the best: fitness stocking fillers
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8 of the best: fitness stocking fillers
8 of the best fitness stocking fillers to give your friends and family for Christmas to fuel their New Year fitness kick, including headphones and fitbits
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