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5 steps to party-ready hair

By Claire Higney
Our quick and simple hair tips and tricks will get you looking your absolute best for that Christmas party


There’s nothing like a bad hair day to put the dampeners on your mood – especially if you’re dressed to impress over the festive season. Dry, frizzy hair is common in the winter, thanks to damp days and drizzle, but these five easy steps will ensure bouncy and shiny locks in time for your next Christmas do. Hello, party-ready hair!

1 Wash your hair in the morning

If you’re planning an evening up-do for the Christmas party, the best time to wash your hair is that morning. The natural oils that will have built up in your hair throughout the day will make your hair more manageable and easier to work with than if you had freshly washed it straight before going out.

2 Condition, condition, condition

Over-styling from too many up-dos during the party season can leave locks looking dull and frazzled so a nourishing conditioning routine is needed now more than ever. Use a leave-in conditioner every time you wash your hair to help make it nice and shiny and as an added indulgence use a deep conditioning mask once a week to really revitalise it and bring it back to life.

3 Eat right

What we eat affects our hair just as much as it does the rest of our body. Hair is made of protein so it is crucial that we eat enough fish, meat, dairy, eggs, soya and nuts to keep it looking healthy. Our hair also needs biotin, which is found in eggs, fish and nuts and keeps the individual strands strong so they’re less inclined to break off. Omega-3 fats also play a vital role in healthy hair as they keep the hair shaft and scalp hydrated, which helps hair look better. These fats can be found in oily fish, avocado and pumpkin seeds. If you suffer from slight hair loss you should also consider adding more iron-rich foods into your diet such as red meat, lentils and leafy vegetables.

4 Invest in a volumising tonic

Putting a little volumising tonic on your roots and ends before blow-drying really helps to give your hair that much-loved extra bounce. It’s also great to use on damp hair that is being prepped for a fancy up-do as it helps it stay in place. If your hair is already pretty voluminous and tends to get frizzy as the day goes on, try using a straightening serum before blow-drying with a round brush to get it as sleek as possible.

5 Be sure to blow dry

When you’re in a rush in the morning it can be tempting to leave your hair to dry naturally en route to work. But letting the elements attack your freshly washed mop can make it much harder to style later for that party. If you really don’t have time to dry it before heading out, try loosely tying it in a big braid starting at the nape of your neck that can easily be reworked into a fancy up-do later that evening.

5 steps to party-ready hair
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5 steps to party-ready hair
Need party-ready hair? No problem – our quick and simple hair tips and tricks will get you looking your absolute best for that Christmas party.
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