Health / 28.10.2019
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For comfort and pleasure

By Healthy Magazine
Take a positive approach to treating vaginal dryness with YES

Let’s not be shy: vaginal dryness can affect us at any time of life. It’s common in menopause due to changes in the balance of hormones, but it can also be caused by medication, breastfeeding or illness. And for sexually active individuals and couples, a little extra lubrication can often enhance both comfort and pleasure.

Whatever the cause, it won’t go away by being embarrassed and trying to ignore it. After all, if your face is dry, you’ll apply a moisturiser. When you get an acne breakout, you’ll treat it gently with the right natural products. So why not treat vaginal dryness the same way?

Treat with care

But what products should we use to care for our more intimate areas? Research shows that up to 60% of what goes on the skin can get into the bloodstream. That’s why healthy prefers face creams, soaps, personal care products and cosmetics that contain only natural, organic ingredients.

When caring for the delicate mucosal membrane tissues of the vagina, vulva and surrounding areas, it’s especially important to choose wisely. Some products can also upset their pH balance, leading to additional problems such as urinary tract infections or bacterial vaginosis.

Plant-based and natural

Many healthcare professionals recommend the YES range of personal lubricants, vaginal moisturisers and intimate washes – some are even available on NHS prescription. Made to natural, plant-based formulations, with no concerning chemicals, they actively nourish and protect intimate tissues while remaining hypoallergenic, ultra-sensitive and side-effect free.

They’re also pH-balanced to help protect against infection. And because they’re certified organic by the Soil Association, choosing YES means you’re being kinder to the environment as well as yourself.

Whether you use a little or a lot, for pleasure or for health, discover the full YES collection in a range of sizes and variants to suit your differing needs at or online.

YES intimate care products

For tackling vaginal dryness discreetly… YES VM
A hormone-free, long-lasting, natural vaginal moisturising gel to alleviate irritation, itching and burning.

For a silky smooth glide… YES WB
A non-sticky, odour­-free and taste-free gel that feels just like natural lubrication. Its water-based formula can be used with condoms.

For long-lasting lubrication… YES OB
A luxurious plant oil-based lubricant, providing long-lasting lubrication, to moisturise and nourish delicate intimate tissues.

For freshening  up… YES CLEANSE
A luxurious and sensitively formulated foam wash with organic plant actives to wash away odour-causing bacteria without causing irritation.