Food / 06.05.2020
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Plant-based eating: good for you, good for the planet

By Healthy Magazine
The healthy, delicious way to support your active lifestyle – and the environment
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There’s a lot of buzz right now about plant-based eating and its associated health benefits for anyone who leads an active lifestyle – but also a lot of confusion about what ‘plant-based’ actually means.

It’s important to note that plant-based eating doesn’t necessarily mean going vegan. Simply put, plant-based (or plant-forward) diets, emphasise eating more plants and fewer animal foods. Even small shifts toward a more plant-based approach can have a lasting positive impact on the health of people and the planet.

Since beginning in 1992, Clif Bar & Company have encouraged plant-based eating through the great tasting food they make, and by promoting organic, plant-based diets as a way to cultivate change in the food system.

‘By leading a conversation about the power of sustainable, plant-forward eating patterns for active people, we hope to drive change across the food system that will benefit the planet and the wellbeing of people today and tomorrow,’ says Casey Lewis, lead dietitian and director of nutrition strategy at Clif Bar.

As part of their company mission, Clif Bar are partnering with nutrition experts on educational programs and tools designed to help support the adoption of healthy, sustainable eating patterns and practices.

‘We’re committed to sharing resources and information on plant-based eating because we believe it can be an important driver in cultivating change in the food system,’ Lewis adds.

Wholesome to the core

Clif Bar recipes have always been built around wholesome, plant-based ingredients, like wholegrain oats, nuts, and seeds that provide quality nutrition – not to mention real enjoyment. In addition to plant-powered protein like soy, peas, and nuts, Clif Bar focus on carbohydrates (wholegrain oats, sugar), functional fats (nuts, nut butters, seeds), and, of course, authentic flavour.

Their love for plant-based eating also extends to supporting organic. That’s why they’re actively working to support the next generation of organic farmers. In fact, they’re currently the no 1 private funder of organic research in the United States.  

There’s no getting around it, the way we produce and consume food has significant impact on our health and wellbeing. The latest evidence suggests that the most health-promoting eating patterns, which emphasise plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables, wholegrains, nuts, legumes, and seeds, also support a healthier planet.

So, in a nutshell, plant-based eating is good for your body and your planet – and your soul!


What is a plant-based diet?  
Any diet that focuses primarily on plants, including nutrient-dense foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and legumes can be considered plant based. Moderate amounts of meat, poultry, fish, seafood, eggs, and dairy can all be included.

Why consider a plant-based diet?
Plant-based diets provide essential vitamins and minerals, nourishing fibre and fats, and beneficial plant nutrients, which all contribute to overall well-being.

Which Clif Bar products are considered plant based?   
All Clif Bar foods can fit within a plant-based diet.

Where can I buy Clif Bar products?
A wide range of Clif Bar foods are available in Holland & Barrett stores and online at