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9 hair hacks you need this winter

By Orla Loughran Hayes
Winterproof your mane

The chilly autumn temperatures can bring a whole host of new challenges for your hair. Luckily, by following these nine hacks, there is hope of keeping your hair looking sleek and hydrated over the colder months.

Few people realise the damage sun exposure can cause hair, and when autumn creeps around, we tend to see unwanted changes and dehydration. But the experts at know a thing or two about maintaining soft and luscious locks come the autumn:

1 Say nay to the pony

While they might be a great quick fix on a bad hair day, ponytails can cause breakage and scalp stress. Together with the drying, cold weather, you have yourself a recipe for frizz. Try wearing your hair softly pinned up, or half down instead.

2 Nab yourself a moisturising mask

Just like skin, hair needs a dousing of moisture from time to time. It can be a struggle to maintain moisture during the winter months, so slather on a hair mask at least once a week to repair dry and damaged hair.

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3 Dry scalp no more

The lack of moisture the hair receives during the autumn months can lead to a dry or itchy scalp, resulting in unsightly dandruff. Use an anti-dandruff shampoo to regain lost moisture.

4 Clarify your hair

Over the summer it’s likely that you indulged in hair styling products, salt sprays and SPF lotions. While these products might have been an ally when getting ready for a summer night out, they aren’t great bedfellows of hair in the long run, so invest in a clarifying shampoo. It will wipe the slate clean of all those summer products.

5 Skip the heat styling

It’s good to give your hair a rest from styling products. Ditch the hairdryer and let your hair dry naturally. Apply a serum to ease any frizz and let it do its magic.

6 Invest in nutrition

By drinking more water and eating more protein rich foods, you can improve the quality of your hair. Vitamin D is essential for healthy hair growth. You can increase your intake by eating foods such as Mushrooms, or by taking supplements.

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7 Get a trim

The sun exposure you got during those long summer days can leave hair dry and damaged. You should get a trim every eight weeks to get rid of the split ends.

8 Seal the moisture

In order to seal in the moisture, follow up a hair moisturiser with an oil or hair butter such as coconut oil.

9 Fight the frizz

As summer turns into winter, your hair may well change. Use styling products like serum to help maintain a sleek, hydrated look, and to avoid winter frizz.

9 hair hacks you need this winter
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9 hair hacks you need this winter
Winter weather can wreak havoc on the condition of your hair. By following these nine hair hacks, you can keep your tresses looking glossy throughout the frosty months.
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