Fitness / 31.05.2016

Watch: this video will stop injuries holding you back

By Francesca Specter
Just 3 minutes long, it could save you a lot of pain and hassle

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With summer coming up, many of us are aiming to get beach ready by doing more exercise (check out healthy‘s #ProjectSummer plan in the June/July issue to inspire you), or perhaps even gearing up to enjoy the outdoors by taking part in fitness events and races. Problem is, things could all fall apart if you get an injury – in fact, one in five of us blame injuries for giving up on their sporting dreams, according to research commissioned by Solgar 7*.

At healthy, we know that doing exercise is key to feeling your best, both physically and mentally, and a painful injury can get in the way. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent it happening in the first place. From practising your sit-up form in front of a mirror to topping up on protein from sources such as chicken and fish, you can take precautions to minimise your risk of getting injured.

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To make sure you stay injury-free this summer, watch this informative video with Dr Ellie Canon and personal trainer Laura Williams – they’ve teamed with Solgar 7* to give their advice on everything from exercises to diet to keep you on track.

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