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The truth about shopping organic

By Cheryl Freedman
These organic foods could improve your health…

We all know in theory that organic food is supposed to be better for us. But when it comes to the cold, hard facts we’re a little hazier.

Here are four key foods where science suggests that eating the organic version could be a wise choice:

Organic fruit and veg These contain up to 69 per cent more antioxidants, found a major review of 343 peer-reviewed studies. Why? Scientists from the University of Newcastle found, in the absence of pesticides, organic plants activated their own defence mechanisms to ward off bugs and pathogens and so produced more health-promoting, beneficial phytochemical. Consider investing in a weekly or fortnightly organic veggie box – this often works out cheaper than buying produce individually.

Organic meat and dairy  Most of us know that omega-3 fatty acids are good for our hearts and brains – and organic meat and dairy is 50 per cent higher in them, according to a study in the British Journal Of Nutrition.

Organic milk Milk from organic animals contains 40 per cent higher levels of conjugated linolenic acid (CLA) – research suggests this antioxidant-rich fat is protective against heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  Plus it’s shown in studies to promote weight loss. Organic milk is a relatively easy and inexpensive switch to make so why not get on board.

Organic bread Traces of the weedkiller glyphosate were reportedly found in one third of British bread samples in 2015. This chemical has been shown to promote deadly gut bacteria in animal studies, and the World Health Organisation has labelled it a ‘probable’ carcinogen. Something to think about when reaching for a loaf of wholemeal.

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The truth about shopping organic
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The truth about shopping organic
We all have a general idea that organic food is supposed to be better for us but what are the actual facts and what foods are worth buying organic?
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