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5 minutes with…Maddie Hinch

By Francesca Specter
The Olympic champion talks hot yoga, reality TV and playing in goal

Maddie Hinch Team GB Olympics Hockey Player

The Olympics may be over, but we bet you haven’t forgotten the tremendous gold medal victory of Team GB’s women hockey team – notably star of the game Maddie Hinch. In the finals against the Netherlands, the talented 27-year-old goalkeeper managed to block every single goal attempt from the Dutch team, securing a win for Great Britain.

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Maddie, who began playing hockey after a PE teacher suggested it might suit her better than rounders (because of the way she threw herself around during matches!), made her professional hockey debut back in 2008.

In the wake of her game-changing success, we grab five minutes with Maddie to talk goalkeeping, hot yoga, and the joy of watching trashy TV:

The healthy interview: Maddie Hinch

Being a goalkeeper is unpredictable
You can make key saves that are game changers and match winners. Then again, for so much of the match you’re just stood there, almost like as a spectator. I’ve learnt to be involved in other ways, like talking to the girls and communicating out on the pitch. Even if the girls are much further down the pitch and can’t hear, I commentate and play the game in my head as I’m watching it. I don’t have to run either – so that’s nice!

Rest time is important
I have a weakness for reality TV shows like Made in Chelsea and The Bachelor. It’s easy watching and great to chill out to. I live with two other hockey athletes, and we’re normally tired out from training, so it’s really important that we get rest. On my days off (which are rare!) I’ll head into London with my friends to do a classic tourist activity, like visiting the London Dungeons, which really helps me switch off from hockey.

Bikram yoga keeps me flexible
Six months ago, I started Bikram yoga – I go together with a group of girl friends and we motivate each other. It’s been so beneficial for keeping my body strong and avoiding major injuries – although it’s a lot harder than recovering in the pool! It’s also great for flexibility – something that’s crucial as a goalkeeper.

Protein, protein, protein
I’m constantly hungry, so I grab protein-packed snacks which I eat regularly every two or three hours: chicken pieces, yoghurt, or a peanut butter protein shake made with cows’ milk. These snacks keep me going as well as fuelling my gym and training sessions. My mantra for eating is ‘little and often’.

Music motivates me
Before a match, music is a big part of my mental routine – it helps to get me in the right headspace. I love fast-paced songs like ‘Faded’ by ZHU, ‘Antenna’ by Fuse ODG and ‘Losing Sleep’ by John Newman. As part of my pre-match warm up, I jog for 10 minutes to a song called ‘O Fortuna’ by Spiritual Project – it’s quite a heavy, repetitive tune and it really gets me going. I also love cheesy, old school music – like Take That.  

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5 minutes with...Maddie Hinch
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5 minutes with...Maddie Hinch
We interview Maddie Hinch, the Team GB women's hockey goalkeeper who won a gold medal at the Rio 2016 Olympics. Read it here.
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