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Healthy buys we love this month

By Chantelle Pattemore
From edible and wearable to downright cute, check out the products that have been grabbing our attention recently

Runderwear sportswear


1It’s marathon season, and whether you’re a hitting-the-pavement pro or just starting out after being inspired, you’ll know that chafing underwear can make your runs a painful misery. Enter this cleverly named sportswear – with pieces for both women and men – that’s specially designed to tackle this problem. The seam-free nature of their bras and pants means that there are no rough or raised edges to rub against your skin, plus the breathable, moisture wicking fabric controls air flow and sweat to keep you cool and dry. We’ve tried them out ourselves and, not only does the range succeed in what they set out to do (one of our comfiest workouts ever), but the pink colour brightened our mood before we’d even put on our trainers – though if you’re less inclined towards the vividness, they also come in black and blue. The perfect excuse for a sunny springtime run!

Women’s Crop Top, £25, and Low-Rise Hipster, £16;

Spoon Guru app



If you have a food allergy, intolerance or dietary preferences, this nifty app just made cooking a whole lot easier. After setting up a profile, you enter your preferences accordingly – you can tell it if you’re trying to monitor your intake of certain food types, follow a vegetarian diet, or are going free from. The app then searches through thousands of recipes from all over the web and only shows you the ones that best suit your needs, along with their nutritional profile. Plus, you can scan products while you’re out on your supermarket shop to discover whether you’re safe to eat them – so no more worry about anything hidden in amongst extra long lists. The icing on the (preference-based) cake? It’s completely free!

Spoon Guru, free, iTunes store; find out more at

Mrs Crimbles Cereal Bars



Whether you’re gluten free or not, there’s no denying that Mrs Crimbles makes some incredibly tasty treats – and we can’t get enough of their latest addition. Their new oat-based gluten free cereal bars come in Cherries & Berries, Banana and Apricot & Sultana flavours, and have been ticking all our boxes for a healthy sweet hit mid-afternoon. Sweetened additionally with honey, they’re only 150 calories each and are low fat, too. Which means we can have more than just one, right?
Mrs Crimbles Gluten Free Cereal Bars, 89p,


Prezzybox kid’s toothbrush holders



If you’ve read the current (May 2016) issue of healthy, you’ll have seen our report on the nation’s dental health, and how dentists’ budgets and time are stretched to the limits. But, as we revealed, there’s plenty we can do ourselves to help keep our gnashers in tip-top shape – and the earlier in life, the better. Any parent will know that getting their child to brush their teeth can be a daily battle, but these fun, bright toothbrush holders from Prezzybox are sure to encourage any little one to pick up their brush. With shapes including Larry the lizard, Diego the dinosaur, Wilson the whale – our favourite – and Grace the giraffe (the neck and top of the toothbrush forms the head of the creatures), the holders are made from durable, easy-to-clean silicone and come with a sucky pad to make sure it stays in place in your bathroom. Now to justify having one as an adult, too…

Kid’s toothbrush holders, from £7.95,


Fitbit Alta


Like the idea of having a piece of wearable tech but don’t necessarily like the look of them? Say hello to the new Alta from exercise tracker gurus Fitbit. Designed with the more fashion-conscious in mind, it has a sleek finish, a tap OLED display, stainless steel body and interchangeable bands so you can switch your colour to your mood (or outfit). And, if you’re into your designers, you can accessorise one step further and even buy Tory Burch ‘casing’ the fits around the band to make it look like a bracelet. Clever, huh? As with many top-of-the-range devices,  it has automatic exercise recognition, you can set workout goals, it tracks your sleep and gives you reminders to move if you’ve been sat at your desk (or in front of the TV) a bit too long. Plus, it lets you stay connected with notifications for calls, text and calendar alerts, has a battery life of up to five days and is compatible with over 200 iOS, Android and Windows devices and computers. Staying fit and healthy never looked so cool – we like.

Fitbit Alta, £99.99 (with bands and accessories from £19.99);


Healthy buys we love this month
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Healthy buys we love this month
What new products are we currently getting excited about at healthy HQ? From edible and wearable to downright cute, take a look at these picks.
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