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Coeliac Awareness – our favourite gluten free swaps

By Chantelle Pattemore
Making those gluten free food swaps has never been easier

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Whether you’re coeliac yourself or have a family member who is, it’s never been simpler to find tasty, gluten free products – so there’s no need to panic about what you’re going to knock up for dinner or grab on-the-go. Even better? Holland & Barrett have one of the largest free-from ranges of any retailer in the UK, so you can easily shop for yours all in one place. With a great selection in store and over 700 items on their website, take a look at some of our favourite food swaps available there – gluten free but delicious for all!

rude health







To kick-start your

Ditch puffed wheat, grab Rude Health’s Honey Puffed Oats – totally delicious, these are a great alternative if you’re missing some of those traditional cereal aisle favourites. The honey coating adds a touch of natural, unrefined sweetness, too.
Ditch granola clusters, grab The Paleo Foods Co Honey & Pecan Granola – add a crunch back into your brekkie with this cereal; full of flavour and with a hint of coconut, it’s got a great texture and will keep you going til lunch.
Ditch cocoa crispies, grab Hale & Hearty’s Organic Choco Jungle Cereal – big kids at heart, we love that this is protein-packed and rich in iron and magnesium, but will still turn our milk chocolatey, too.








For the lunchtime munchies:

Ditch cheese crackers, grab Nairn’s Cracked Black Pepper Crackers – these thin, low-cal, wholegrain crackers have just the right amount of snap, while their pepper infusion is a welcome hit of flavour without being overpowering. Top with cottage cheese for a filling protein fix or eat alongside your salad.
Ditch tomato soup, grab Amy’s Kitchen Organic Hearty Spanish Rice & Red Bean Soup – many soups and sauces are thickened with flour, which can be a deceptive nightmare for coeliacs. This may be tinned but you’d never know – it’s totally delicious, and the rice and beans pack it out and make it feel more wholesome.
Ditch crisps, grab Eat Real Lentil Chips in Chilli Lemon – not only are most shop-bought sandwiches out the equation when you’re on a gluten free diet, but I was initially surprised to find a lot of crisps were, too (as I sobbed over my Monster Munch packet). Luckily, these chips are not only healthier but provide just as much crunch and the slightly spicy and zesty flavour combination is a winner as well.









To round-off your day:

Ditch pasta, grab Amisa Organic Corn & Rice Rigatoni – many gluten free pastas just don’t make the grade in terms of texture, but this one definitely does. Just as enjoyable as ‘normal’ penne, it cooks in a super-speedy seven minutes.
Ditch sweet chilli sauce, grab Merdian’s Free From Korma Cooking Sauce – as with soup, many sauces are thickened with flour and making them from scratch can be a bit arduous. Luckily, this offering from Meridian still has the consistency and taste of a great sauce, without the making-you-ill element.
Ditch soy sauce, grab Clearspring Organic Japanse Tamari Soya Sauce – it’s the little things that sometimes make all the difference. Traditional soy sauces contain gluten, meaning that your Friday night trip down the takeaway is no more – luckily, this gluten free alternative has a deep, rich flavour, so you can easily recreate your favourite dishes at home with all the same flavour (but less grease).









Sweet treats:

Ditch a wafer chocolate bar, grab Thanks For Franks Hand-Baked Granola Belgian Chocolate Bar – providing a proper blast of choco flavour, this delicious snack will fulfil that sugar craving and give you a big nutrient hit as it’s also packed with seeds and nuts.
Ditch the fruit chews, grab Good Full Stop Cherry & Maple Fruit Nut Bar – bursting full of fruity flavour, these yummy bars have a fantastically sticky, gummy consistency, so you have something to properly get your teeth around.
Ditch cheesecake, grab Pudology’s Smooth Chocolate Orange Pud – creamy, decadent and rich, this rivals even the greatest non gluten-free cakes. Plus, it’s individual size means you won’t scoff too much at once (you know it’s for the best in the long run).

What swaps have you made and love? Send us your recommendations, we’d love to hear them – tweet us @healthymag.

Coeliac Awareness – our favourite gluten free swaps
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Coeliac Awareness – our favourite gluten free swaps
Be it you or a family member who is coeliac, it's really simple to find tasty, gluten free products. Here are some gluten free swaps we simply adore.
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