Vitamins and Minerals Guide

Food sources of ironHealth What it does… iron Feeling tired or short of breath? Sufficient iron stores are key to oxygen-carrying red blood cells – and a major energy booster GOPOHealth What it does… GOPO Painful knees or hips preventing you being active? The rose-hip ingredient in GOPO keeps joints supple and significantly reduces pain glucosamineHealth What it does… glucosamine Stopped exercising because of ‘dodgy knees’? Glucosamine can help keep joints strong and muscles pain-free GarlicHealth What it does… garlic Garlic contains many active ingredients, including sulphur compounds responsible for its odour – and it's a source of immune-boosting vitamin C and selenium BroccoliHealth What it does… folic acid If you are planning pregnancy or have just found out you’re pregnant, this is a vital vitamin echhinaceaHealth What it does… echinacea It’s the go-to herb for warding off winter ills, but echinacea has a variety of other benefits, too Digestive EnzymesHealth What they do…digestive enzymes Experience indigestion or IBS? Have arthritic joints? Digestive enzymes can help Devils clawHealth What it does… devil’s claw Pain in the knees or hips? Chronic indigestion? This distinctive looking herb helps with both ChromiumHealth What it does… chromium You may not need much, but chromium is essential for maintaining healthy blood glucose levels Aloe VeraHealth What it does… aloe vera Aloe vera has been used for centuries for a multitude of conditions, from easing skin complaints to regulating digestion 5-HTPHealth What it does… 5-HTP Feeling depressed or struggling to sleep well? Try this supplement, which boosts the feel-good neurotransmitter serotonin