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Beauty Hack: 5 tips for faking flawless skin

By Claire Lavelle
Go from post-party peaky to bright and glowy and in five simple steps


Cold weather, crazy Christmas deadlines and crazier Christmas parties (if you’re lucky) all add up to a less-than-glowing complexion. How to right the wrongs? Our favourite beauty experts let us in on their tricks of the trade – go forth and be gorgeous.

1 Exfoliate, moisturise and apply a good primer

Cosmetic dermatologist Dr Rachael Eckel suggests using a primer containing silica. She explains: ‘This ingredient makes a particularly good base as it boosts your make-up’s staying power, as well as filling in creases and large pores.’

2 Now it’s time for foundation

Apply your foundation with a brush or a sponge, buffing it in to build up coverage. ‘Blend it in with the warmth of your fingertips for a smooth, flawless finish,’ advises beauty expert Hayley Sparkes.

3 Wake up tired eyes

Sparkes recommends using a concealer before a light-reflecting pen. ‘Apply a concealer first, with a small brush that gives precise coverage. Then press lightly with your fingers to warm into the skin and blend. Use the light-reflecting pen close to your tear duct in a little triangle, and take it down the edge of the nose a little.’

4 Set with powder

To complete the flawless look, set your base with a finely milled powder, avoiding the eye area, where it can settle and highlight wrinkles, and cheeks, where you want radiance.

5 Finishing touches

Finally, don’t forget to use a brightening product. ‘Most women miss out this step, but brighteners stop skin looking flat and dull, so are particularly useful for mature skin,’ says Sparkes. ‘You can mix a liquid illuminator with foundation to highlight certain areas – the tops of cheeks, in the cupid’s bow for a fuller lip, and on the brow bone and between eyes to lift and brighten them.’

Beauty Hack: 5 tips for faking flawless skin
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Beauty Hack: 5 tips for faking flawless skin
Go from post-party peaky to bright and glowy in five simple steps. Follow our expert advice and get flawless skin tonight.
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