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The healthy awards 2021: Health & Wellbeing

By Healthy Magazine
You voted in your thousands for the health, beauty and wellbeing products that you just can’t live without. Now we can reveal the winners...
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From the healthy snacks you love to your favourite supplements, clean beauty buys and more, the annual healthy awards – voted for by readers – are your chance to tell us the products you can’t live without. Here are your winners in the Health & Wellbeing categories…

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Brand of the Year


Family-run Puressentiel is your much-deserved hero brand of 2021. Their mission is to ‘Draw on the very best from nature, in an eco-friendly and eco-responsible way, in order to make it accessible to everyone in its purest and most essential form’ – and we couldn’t think of anything finer to aim for! You love the fact that Puressentiel established the first aromatherapy laboratory to create products that make aromatherapy accessible for all. In doing so, they have simplified how essential oils have traditionally been approached with their ready-to-use products. Their work is supported by experts, including botanists, doctors and pharmacists, and they have 500 clinical studies and tests proving the effectiveness of their products. Whether it’s their Purifying Air Spray with a unique mix of 41 purifying essential oils, or their Muscle and Joints Roller that performs an acupuncture effect on painful areas, you love that all of Puressentiel’s products are carefully created for everyday use for your whole family. Discover the range at Holland & Barrett

Best Children’s Supplement

Chewy Vites Kids Multivitamin Advance

You don’t want to take any chances with the wellbeing of your little ones, and that’s why you top them up with this daily vegan multivit. Each fruit-infused gummy packs in 11 key nutrients, including 100% of their recommended daily intake of six essential vitamins – and is free from artificial colours, sweeteners and flavours. And with a month’s supply in every pack, you appreciate their value too. (4.99, 30 chewables) Buy now

Highly commended
Equazen Eye Q Children’s Liquid Citrus

You appreciate the importance of essential fatty acids to support growing brains, and that’s why you’re fans of this clinically researched formula, which provides a healthy dose of omega-3 and omega-6 fish oils in a naturally lemon-flavoured liquid – ideal for children who don’t like pills, and with no fishy taste. (£11.99, 200ml) Buy now

Best for Immunity

Sambucol Extra Defence Black Elderberry Liquid

We’ve all become more aware of the need to strengthen our body’s natural defence system over the past 18 months, and you’ve turned to this tasty liquid to get the job done. Packed with vitamin C from elderberries, plus zinc and protective compound Antivirin, it’s your go-to for all-round immune support. Plus it has vitamin D, and vitamin B6 to help reduce tiredness and fatigue and keep you going through the winter months. (£11.99, 120ml) Buy now

Highly commended
Holland & Barrett Ultimate Immune Support

You love this little bottle of science. A combination of the most evidence-based actives in the most bioavailable forms, these capsules are packed with vitamins, minerals and natural actives like garlic and quercetin, plus live bacteria to support a healthy gut. (£19.99, 60 capsules) Buy now

Best Fertility Support

Holland & Barrett Folic Acid 400µg with Vitamin D 10µg

The importance of folic acid before conception and during pregnancy has long been established, and that’s why so many of you opt for this no-nonsense, great value, one-a-day formula, which provides the recommended daily 400µg in every tablet – plus the 10µg of vitamin D we need to support our immune system, too. (£5.99, 90 tablets) Buy now

Highly commended
Proceive Max Women Advanced Fertility Supplement

The right nutrition is important at any time, but perhaps never more so than when we’re trying to grow our family – and that’s why this advanced supplement, packed with 33 essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals, is so popular with you. (£49.95, 30 sachets) Buy now

Best Multivitamin

Nature’s Way Alive! Women’s Energy Gummies

With your busy modern lifestyle, maintaining energy levels is vital, which is why you choose these fully loaded supplements. Their blend of 18 vitamins and minerals contributes to normal energy release, regulating hormones and maintaining healthy bones. You also love them for what they don’t contain – gluten, soya, dairy, yeast, artificial colours and preservatives. (£14.99, 60 gummies) Buy now

Highly commended
New Nordic Multi Vegan Gummies

A confirmed hit with plant-based healthy readers, these botanically inspired one-a-day multivits from Scandinavian natural wellbeing specialists New Nordic pack in vitamins A, C, D, E and a range of B vitamins, and are naturally fruit flavoured. (£17.95, 120 gummies) Buy now

Best Targeted Health Solution

Modern Herbals Syno-Vital Hyaluronan

You know that getting older doesn’t have to mean a less active lifestyle – as long as you look after your body. And that’s why so many of you support your bone and joint health with this easy-to-take formula, designed to top up your body’s own hyaluronic acid levels – with extra help from added vitamin C to support collagen maintenance and production. (£29.99, 30 sachets) Buy now

Best for Mental Wellbeing

Bach Original Flower Remedies Mimulus

A long-term favourite of healthy readers, Bach Original Flower Remedies have especially resonated over the last 18 months. Mimulus is the one you turn to when you feel like there are dark clouds overshadowing your life – either on its own or blended with other favourites from the range of 38 natural flower-based remedies, all still made from flowers grown in Dr Bach’s garden. (£7.79, 20ml) Buy now

Highly commended
Unbeelievable Health Bee Calm

Whenever you could do with feeling a little less tense and a little more relaxed, you turn to these vegetarian-friendly capsules, formulated by nutritionists and health experts. Ideal to keep handy in your desk drawer, bathroom cabinet or handbag. (£13.99, 20 capsules) Buy now

Best for Sleep

Kalms Night

You know a good night’s sleep is key to overall wellbeing, and these tablets help you get one. Studies suggest valerian may improve the ability to fall asleep, stay asleep and achieve high-quality sleep, as well as aid relaxation and reduce anxiety – and each tablet contains 96mg of natural valerian extract to help you drift off naturally. (£4.89, 50 tablets) Buy now

Editor’s choice
Nelsons Rescue Remedy Night Dropper

When midnight ruminations (tomorrow’s to-do list, that embarrassing moment eight years ago, how did that song go?) are keeping us up at night, we reach for this dropper. Alcohol-free and suitable for the whole family, it contains a unique blend of Bach flower essences to help usher in a natural night’s sleep. (£8.49, 10ml) Buy now

Best for Muscles & Joints

Holland & Barrett CBD Muscle Balm Ultra

When it comes to treating tired and aching muscles, you’re big fans of the warming and relaxing effects of this balm. Its light, non-greasy formula is easily absorbed by the skin to leave you feeling soothed and nourished, and it’s highly moisturising, too. Made with 100% natural plant-based ingredients, including 300mg CBD from hemp extract, it’s suitable for vegetarians and vegans. (£39.99, 50ml) Buy now

Editor’s choice
Weleda Arnica Massage Balm

Weleda are favourites among the healthy team, and we love this balm. Made with therapeutic plant extracts and oils, it’s naturally scented with soothing rosemary and lavender oils – just what tired muscles need after a Pilates session or run. (£13.49, 100ml) Buy now

Best for Allergies

Puressentiel Respiratory Protective Nasal Spray

Those of you who are allergic to pollen, dust or pet hair know how unpleasant it can be when the symptoms strike – runny noses, itching, fatigue… but at the same time, you’d rather avoid medical treatments that can cause drowsiness. And that’s why so many of you choose this highly effective barrier spray, made with a natural blend of sea water, a filming agent and soothing eucalyptus essential oil, which provides relief for up to four hours – and it’s free from antihistamines and cortisones, too. (£11.99, 20ml) Buy now

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