Food / 24.09.2021

The healthy awards 2021: Food & Drink

By Healthy Magazine
You voted in your thousands for the health, beauty and wellbeing products that you just can’t live without. Now we can reveal the winners...
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From the healthy snacks you love to your favourite supplements, clean beauty buys and more, the annual healthy awards – voted for by readers – are your chance to tell us the products you can’t live without. Here are your winners in the Food & Drink categories…

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Best winter health remedy

Ricola Soothe & Clear Honey, Lemon & Echinacea Lozenges

Sometimes you just want something that does what it says on the packet. Each aromatic lozenge contains the Ricola 13-herb blend plus natural ingredients selected for their throat-soothing properties, including fair-trade honey, lemon juice, peppermint oil and menthol. You especially value the fact that the 13 herbs are naturally cultivated in the Swiss Alps. Always useful to have a pack when you’re out and about! (£1.49, 20 lozenges) Buy now

Best for weight management

Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with The Mother

A firm favourite, incredibly this is the third year running that Bragg ACV has won in this category. Made from 100% organic apples, Bragg ACV is unfiltered, raw and made with ‘the Mother’. You love the way it can help control appetite, thanks to the 750mg of acetic acid in every serving, and you love how flexible it is – great in salads, pickles, drinks and even as a skin toner. A true multi-tasking, classic wellness elixir. (£6.99, 473ml) Buy now

Best healthy snack

Eat Real Sea Salt Hummus Chips

You love this snack which offers an alternative to greasy crisps that is just as delicious, but way more healthy. In fact, you love it so much, it’s the second year it has won this award. With no added sugar and no artificial nasties, these vegan and gluten-free chips are perfect for dipping, nibbling and sharing, and can be enjoyed by all the family. (99p, 45g) Buy now

Best for gut health

The GUTsy Captain Kombucha Passion Fruit Zero Passionfruit 

Was 2021 the year kombucha went mainstream – along with gut health? You love Captain Kombucha Zero – just like the original, it’s traditionally hand-crafted using only 100% natural and organic ingredients, and simply fermented for longer until all the sugar is gone. So no sugar, no calories but just as full of live cultures. Of all the many delicious flavours, you picked Passion Fruit as your favourite – and we couldn’t agree more! (£2.99, 400ml) Buy now

Highly commended
Bimuno Daily Targeted Digestion Nutrition Powder

This daily supplement offers such an easy way to boost good gut bacteria, no wonder you’re fans. It’s all thanks to GOS, a composition of dietary fibre that helps bifidobacteria thrive. A brilliant way to fill up your gut with the good stuff! (£11.99, 30 sachets) Buy now

Best sports bar

Trek Power Millionaire Shortbread Protein Bar

From yoga to hiking, swimming to cycling, whenever you need a hit of long-lasting energy to sustain your workouts, you turn to Trek’s delicious, 100% natural Power bars. Packing 15g of plant-based protein in every bar, they’re a vegan-friendly source of healthy carbs, with an indulgent feel thanks to their crunchy texture, rich chocolate coating and caramel filling. (£2.25, 55g) Buy now

Highly commended
Clif White Chocolate Macadamia Bar

These tasty bars are not only loaded with delicious, wholesome, organic ingredients, including white chocolate, roasted macadamia nuts and wholegrains, they’re also high in protein and fibre to keep you going through any adventure. (£1.79, 68g) Buy now

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