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7 ways to get in touch with your spiritual side

By Roisin Dervish-O'Kane
Cynics, look away now - here's what a psychic medium taught us about following your intuition

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‘Listen to your gut’, ‘What does your heart say?’ – who hasn’t been on the edge of one of Life’s Big Questions and struggled to work out what these actually mean.

Whether it taking a risk with a new move, leaving the security but unremitting boredom of your job or deciding what to do about a failing relationship – these decisions can’t be reached, with an honest and authentic outcome by thinking the issue to death. Even the time-honoured ‘pros and cons list’ has its limitations.

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At times like these need our mind/body/soul tag team working in sync. To help you develop the most neglected member of the trio, we quizzed psychic Emma Kinsey, one of the UK’s top psychic mediums.

Cynics, look away now. ‘I always tell people that I wouldn’t believe me if I were in their position,’ laughs Kinsey. ‘But, if there’s something in you that’s interested, opening yourself up to what’s going on at a spiritual level can help you become calmer, stronger and more in-tune with yourself,’ she explains. Intrigued? Here’s how to do it.

1. Meditate
‘Meditation helps many people calm their mind. And when your mind is calm, your intuition is clearer. Calming your mind is one of the hardest things you can do, but it’s vital for letting your instinct come through. If you want to access your spiritual guide, choose a specialist meditation.’

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2. Or find your own calm
‘What gets you calm is so personal. Before readings, I listen to music and light a candle for ambience. Or I go for walk and sit by the sea, the water really calms me down. There are no rules, it’s all about giving yourself time and going with what you feel.’

3. Listen to your gut
‘You know that little voice inside that tells you something over and over again? I believe that’s your spirit guide talking to you, helping you come to your own view. Other people call it your ‘gut’. Whatever you call it, pay attention.’

4. Don’t dismiss signs
‘Signs are so important and so many people write them off as coincidence. It could be a song that keeps replaying or someone’s name that appears, or something that comes to you in a dream. Look for them everywhere.’

5. If you need it, ask for help
‘If you’re struggling with a choice, the most important thing to do is ask for help. If you feel silly saying it out loud, ask in your head. It takes time, and practice, but I believe everyone has someone who is listening.’

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6. Take things into your own hands
‘If you’re struggling with a decision, get a pack of angel or oracle cards. You can shuffle them, and ask them questions. Just make sure you buy the pack you are drawn to.’

7. Whatever you do, own it
‘Sometimes you ignore that inner voice, and that’s fine. Listening to what’s going on at a spiritual level can guide you, but ultimately, the decision is ours. And if you make the wrong one, remember that’s the only way you learn.’

Intrigued and want to learn more about getting in touch with your spiritual side? Click here to learn more about Emma

7 ways to get in touch with your spiritual side
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7 ways to get in touch with your spiritual side
Here's what we learned from psychic medium Emma Kinsey about the importance of getting in touch with your spiritual side when making big choices
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