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Three ways to live well with dementia

By Jo Wheatley
Small tweaks really can make a massive difference to anyone diagnosed with the condition


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Have you or someone who love been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia? It’s been dubbed the ‘plague of the 21st century’ due to its vastly increasing numbers, with stats predicted to reach the million mark by 2025.

Anyone who has concerns about being forgetful, particularly if they are over age 65, should see their GP immediately. Early diagnosis is important to enable access to treatment as soon as possible and also rule out other conditions such as depression, urinary tract infections and vitamin and thyroid deficiencies, which can cause similar symptoms to dementia. Assessments can include a physical examination, memory tests and/or brain scans.

If a diagnosis is made, taking medication can ease the worst symptoms, especially in the early stages. But adapting your lifestyle can also help you live well with dementia. Be empowered to make these tweaks and feel the brain and body benefits.


Exercise has been shown in studies to aid memory and slow down mental decline, as well as keep you fit and healthy, and improve sleep, which is often disturbed in people with dementia.

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Busy your brain

Mental stimulation tasks designed to boost the brain have been found in research to help improve thinking and memory skills in people with dementia.

Eat well

A healthy balanced diet is really important. Include lots of fibre-rich foods such as wholegrains to avoid constipation – a common problem in dementia and the elderly – and plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration.

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Three ways to live well with dementia
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Three ways to live well with dementia
Don't believe the doubters – it is possible to live well with dementia and Alzheimers by making tweaks to your nutrition, fitness and lifestyle.
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