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Three powered-up breakfasts for cycling to work

By Cheryl Freedman
Power porridge, a yummy smoothie bowl and pitta with attitude

If you’re taking part in this year’s Cycle To Work Day, then you’ll want to make sure you’re bursting with energy on your commute. Luckily the organisers have given us these three great breakfast recipes to ensure you don’t run out of steam halfway.

Power porridge

Porridge will always make the list of best breakfast recipes because of its slow release energy and fibre-packed goodness. With an ever-growing variety of milks, fillings and toppings, you can easily tailor it to your tastebuds, too.

The golden rule for making porridge is the 2:1 ratio, two parts liquid to one part oats. Save time and washing up before your ride by making your porridge in the microwave.

50g oats
Water or any type of milk
Fresh fruit of your choice
Honey/cinnamon/nut butter
Desiccated coconut or toasted seeds, to top

1 Mix the milk and oats together in a bowl and cook in the microwave on high for 1 minute, stir and return to microwave for an additional minute

2 Add in your chosen fresh fruit and additional flavour: honey, cinnamon or you can even try nut butter for an extra protein boost. (If you choose nut butter make sure your porridge is a bit runny when you take it out the microwave as it will thicken it up nicely.)

3 Finish off with a delicious topping like desiccated coconut or toasted seeds for added crunch.

Power pitta

The perfect way to stay fuller for longer as energy is slowly released in your body throughout the day – try this wholemeal pitta as a breakfast with a difference. The spinach adds in nutrients such as iron, and the eggs are a great source of protein. Topped with flavoursome feta cheese, you’re ready to hit the roads.

500ml baby spinach
3 beaten eggs
Pinch of salt and pepper
125ml grated feta cheese
2 wholemeal pittas

1 Heat a large skillet and add a spray of oil, followed by adding your baby spinach.
2 Toss the spinach occasionally, and after 1 minute add in your 3 beaten eggs with salt and pepper; continue to toss the mixture for 3-4 minutes until fluffy and cooked
3 Remove from heat and add in the mozzarella, tossing the mixture once more.
Spoon in the mixture onto pitta and fold in half for your power pitta


Berry smoothie bowl

Smoothie bowls feel like a delicious treat, but they’re packed with fruity goodness – and they look amazing. They’re super-easy to mix up using endless combinations of juice, milk, fruit, veg and added extras. We love this recipe because it’s so simple and a great way to start the day.

1 ripe banana
140g berries (blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, or use a mix)
1 tsp nut butter
1 tsp honey
1 tsp oats
Apple juice or water (optional)
Toppings desiccated coconut, seeds of chopped nut

1 Blend sliced banana and berries until smooth. Add nut butter, honey and oats (add juice or water if the consistency is too thick)
2 Pour into a small bowl and top with a mixture of your favourite goodies

Top tip: slice your bananas, put into an airtight container and freeze: this will make your mornings much easier!

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Three Powered-up Breakfasts for Cycling to Work
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Three Powered-up Breakfasts for Cycling to Work
Taking part in Cycle to Work Day? Get your energy boost by trying these powered-up breakfast recipes.
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