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The Skin Doctor: 5 bad beauty habits you should break

By Flavio Refrigeri
Healthy's new skin expert calls us out on our naughtiest skin sins


flaviocropClear, calm and glowy skin is the holy grail of beauty. But thanks to Healthy’s new skincare expert, celebrity facialist and director of Clinica Fiore Skin Medica, Flavio Refrigeri, it doesn’t have to be so elusive. Here’s his round up of the bad beauty habits you need to break in order to get there – trust us, your skin will thank you later!

Skin Sin No.1: Not slathering on sun block

Who doesn’t crave that just-stepped-off-the-beach sun kissed glow over the summer? And our pursuit for that enviable sun-kissed skin has meant we’re all guilty of falling for that universal skin care myth that sunscreen stops you tanning. But did you know that you could also be guilty of not slathering sunscreen on in winter, too?

THE FIX: Whether there’s a clear sky or clouds, UVB radiation (which accounts for 80 per cent of skin ageing according to recent research published in medical journal Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology), is still in full force so ensure to use SPF. After all, fine lines isn’t a souvenir we want to take back home.

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Skin Sin No.2: Sleeping in makeup

We confess: we’ve all been guilty of falling into bed with a full face of cosmetics after a long week or one-too-many cocktails after a night out on the town. But not washing our war paint off can’t do THAT much damage overnight, can it?

But beware: it’s not as harmless as you might think as our bodies go through an important renewal process. Restricting oxygen to the skin not only causes damage to the collagen and elastin production of your cells, but the dehydrating effect of your make-up can lead to fine lines. Not to mention sleeping on your make-up stained pillow case can encourage bacterial build up, which leads to spotty break outs…

THE FIX: At the very least, running a wet soft cloth over your face (using both your sides) before hitting the sack will suffice.


Skin Sin No.3: Not glugging enough water

Want strong nails, smoother skin and a glossy mane? Us too! Ditch that miracle cream – it’s what’s inside your glass that counts! Many of us get far less than the NHS-recommended eight glasses a day – the key to an enviable healthier glow.

THE FIX: Get your H2O intake with our three fool-proof tricks to stay hydrated:

1. Admittedly, water on its own can be dull. So why not add watermelon chunks, mint or orange slices to your glass for an Instagram-worthy beverage?

2. Water doesn’t even have to come from a glass! Graze on cucumber, melons or celery which contain more than 90 per cent water.

3. Let your phone do the hard work for you!  Set alerts throughout the day to remind yourself to hit that H2O.

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Skin Sin No.4: Not catching enough ZZZs

Many us of aim to get our eight hours’ sleep each night. But the demands of modern life, from longer days at the office to late nights, mean we’re missing out on more shut-eye than ever before. According to research by The Sleep Council, 33 per cent of us sleep for just 5 or 6 hours per night – which can lead to dull skin and fine lines.

THE FIX: If you struggle to fall into a slumber, wind down with our fool-proof tricks:

1. Turn off your iPad and smartphones, as the blueish light their screens emit mimics daylight which convinces the brain that it’s still daytime, according to researchers at the Lightning Research Centre at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York.

2. It might be tempting to pour yourself another tipple after a long day at the office, but resist the urge! While that glass of red might help you nod off initially, it can disrupt sleep later on in the night – not to mention that you’ll wake up with a full bladder!

3. Set aside 30 minutes or so for a pre-sleep bedtime ritual for your body to shift into sleep mode. Whether it’s taking a bubble bath or reading for a book, you’ll wake up feeling and looking more refreshed – vital for health and beauty!

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Skin Sin No.5: Squeezing spots

Admit it: we’re all guilty of pimple popping, whether it’s a stress-related spot or a that time-of-the-month breakout.

THE FIX: Resist the urge! If you pick at it, there’s a greater risk of spots staying around for longer, creating a bigger area for bacteria to thrive in and damage the surrounding area. This can result in scarring – far more permanent than a barely-there pimple.


For a picture perfect skin boost, why not try Clinica Fiore Skin Medica’s Oxygen Facial Therapy? Targeting the formation of collagen in the skin, (which normally occurs as you sleep), this treatment fills in fine lines and gives a smoother complexion.

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The Skin Doctor: 5 bad beauty habits you should break
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The Skin Doctor: 5 bad beauty habits you should break
Healthy's new skincare expert lays out the bad beauty habits to avoid if you want to achieve the holy grail of beauty: the clear, calm, glowy complexion
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