Health / 26.03.2020

Regain your hair confidence

By Healthy Magazine
Find out how the right nutritional support for your follicles can help restore naturally strong, healthy hair growth
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Statistics show that around 60% of women will suffer some form of hair growth disorder in their lifetime. Health problems, childbirth, stress, hormones and over-styling can all have a negative influence on the health of the hair growth cycle, causing excess shedding, hair thinning and hair loss. The impact of this can be far-reaching, affecting our confidence, self-esteem, femininity and even our social lives.

One common condition is alopecia areata, characterised by small, usually round bald patches on the head, which can increase in size or quantity. This can be triggered by stress-related events, such as bereavement, illness and injury. It is thought that alopecia areata is caused by an auto-immune response mistakenly recognising the hair follicle as an ‘enemy’, causing the hair to fall out. There is no cure for alopecia areata. Recovery can occur naturally, but regrowth is usually slow and repeat episodes are common.

Natural support for hair growth

Containing the unique ingredient, Marilex, Nourkrin is a proven effective, safe and drug-free supplement that helps to support the normal, healthy function of the hair growth cycle. It provides the follicle with the specific nutrients it requires, helping to normalise hair growth and promote a healthy head of hair. If you suffer from hair conditions such as alopecia areata, treatment with Nourkrin can help to speed up recovery times, as well as help to prolong the periods between episodes.

Nourkrin has been instrumental in helping to improve the life quality of countless women over almost three decades – not just in terms of the health and quality of their hair, but equally important in terms of their confidence and self-esteem. No wonder it was voted by readers as Best Hair Supplement in the healthy awards 2019.

Lilja, 36, is one of the millions of people Nourkrin has helped…

“In October 2017, my mother discovered a bald spot on my head. It was not big, but grew steadily. In January 2018 one became three… It was a huge shock to me.  

“I saw a dermatologist who diagnosed me with alopecia areata, and prescribed both a steroid cream and steroid solution. However, I didn’t see any results. In fact the condition got worse, and I felt like I was simply throwing my money away. I went to a specialist in skin diseases who told me that the hair root had fallen asleep and prescribed a different cream, but it was extremely itchy and seemed to make the hair loss worse.

“I was seriously contemplating shaving all my hair off in desperation when I came across Nourkrin. After all these medications, finally, with the help of Nourkrin, my hair started to grow. It was the first time in a long time that I could wear my hair loose and not in a ponytail. I was so happy!”

Nourkrin is available in packets of 30 tablets (15 days’ supply), 60 tablets (1 month) or 180 tablets (3 months), and is available online at