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The nutrients you need to feel great naked

By Roisin Dervish-O'Kane
Our experts count down the four to help you glow

feel great nakedOur bodies look and feel their best when we fuel them with the right stuff. ‘Getting rid of excess water has an instantly slimming effect,’ says nutritionist and author Fiona Kirk.

1. Omega-3 fats
Omega-3 fats help our kidneys get rid of excess fluid held in tissues, increase our metabolic rate and boost energy production. They also play a major role in balancing our hormones – essential in combating cellulite. Rich sources include seeds and nuts and their oils and oily fish.

2. Vitamin C
‘An essential vitamin for the production of collagen – the protein that is so important for healthy, springy, young-looking skin – is vitamin C,’ she continues. ‘It improves circulation, strengthens the immune system and allows toxins and waste to be removed via the lymphatic system. Go for papaya, peppers, berries, citrus fruits and kale, and cut back on salt, artificial sweeteners and caffeine.’

 3. Antioxidants
Boosting your diet with the right supplements can also pay big dividends. Nutritionist Susan Alexander ( suggests upping your antioxidant intake with a supplement such as Unbeelievable Health Bee Prepared Daily Defence Immune Support Capsules (£9.99 for 30, which contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties including bee propolis, acerola cherry and reishi mushrooms to help strengthen the connective tissues in the skin.

4. Green tea
‘A ‘thermogenic’ (fat-burning ingredient) such as matcha green tea is also a good idea,’ she says. ‘As well as breaking down fat, increasing the metabolism and blood flow, it’s also a powerful antioxidant.’

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The nutrients you need to feel great naked
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The nutrients you need to feel great naked
The body-loving superfoods that are packed with antioxcidants that will make you look good with our without clothes.
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