Food / 20.05.2020
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Nourish your brain

By Healthy Magazine
When leading an active lifestyle, it’s important to nourish your mind as well as your body. Neubria’s range of brain-focused supplements is here to help
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Sometimes, even if we’re looking after our diet and exercise, we can find ourselves in the wrong headspace. Whether it’s due to lack of energy, low mood, or trouble sleeping, we’re missing that oomph needed to achieve our daily goals.

That’s where Neubria comes in, with botanically based supplements to promote brain health and support the needs of active people. Using potent blends of unique botanical ingredients and essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients, solution-specific formulas cater to your individual brain health and overall wellbeing.

Targeted botanicals

If you struggle with energy levels, try Neubria Charge, designed to help reduce tiredness and support alertness. It contains a range of B-vitamins to help maintain a healthy nervous system and release energy; guarana, a natural slow-release energy source; and four forms of ginseng to support vitality and physical wellbeing; as well as green tea, which may help concentration and learning. 

If you struggle to stay focused, Neubria Edge may help. It contains seven potent botanical ingredients, including bacopa to help memory, concentration and focus, as well as ashwagandha, which contributes to optimal mental and cognitive activity. It also includes 22 essential vitamins and minerals, as well as citoline, to support brain function. 

If your mood needs a lift, Neubria Shine contains four botanical ingredients chosen to brighten your mood, including rhodiola rosea, which is believed to help decrease stress, along with ashwagandha, which helps maintain physical and mental wellbeing, and saffron. It also contains 22 essential vitamins and minerals to help body and mind.

Finally, if you find it difficult to get a good night’s rest, try Neubria Drift, formulated with four botanical ingredients that work together to help promote quality sleep – chamomile, hops, saffron and lemon balm, which help maintain healthy sleep and support relaxation. It also contains magnesium and vitamin D, along with tryptophan, which is converted to natural sleep hormone melatonin.


All of Neubria’s supplement blends are based on extensive reviews of
the latest scientific research. They are approved by the brand’s own Scientific Advisory Board, which includes leading experts from the fields of neuroscience, medicine, fitness and human performance to achieve the most holistic approach possible. Each Neubria blend is designed to optimise brain health and wellness, and help you feel balanced, so that you can be your healthiest self and enjoy life.

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