Health / 27.10.2020
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Enjoy better sleep, naturally

By Healthy Magazine
Don't let stress and anxiety ruin your nights – try these expert tips from Rescue to wake up feeling naturally refreshed
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If your mind has been racing recently, and you’re finding it harder to sleep well, you’re not alone. As we navigate the ‘new normal’, many of us are feeling more stressed – leading to that familiar tossing and turning. In fact, 73% of us are suffering from stress or sleeplessness at least once a week.* Strange dreams and whirling thoughts can make it feel like your body is conspiring against you.

However, while we can’t erase all our worries, there are some simple steps you can take towards achieving a calm, restful night. Try these tips from Rescue – the UK’s no.1 emotional wellbeing brand** and experts in nature’s power for over 80 years – and look forward to more restful nights and less stressful days.

Embrace natural light and fresh air during the day
Whether it’s a walk outside, or even just an open window, they’ll help you feel calmer and more positive. Take time to practise ‘slow’ breathing: four seconds in through your nose, and four seconds out through your mouth.

Shut down electronics
Ban devices at least an hour before you go to sleep. Blue light emitted by screens can disrupt your body clock, and checking news stories can elevate stress levels. Instead, try reading a book, having a bath or practising mindful meditation before bed.

Write it down
Note down your worries before bed, observe your thoughts and acknowledge your feelings – then let them go. To help foster a more positive mindset, also write down three things you were thankful for that day.

Use Rescue Night at bedtime
The original Bach Rescue remedy, blended with White Chestnut. Ease yourself into a restful routine and switch off repetitive thoughts. Available as a Spray, Dropper or Liquid Melts – all available now from

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**IRI Volume Sales 52 weeks to w/e 5th Sep 2020.