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My life lessons: Dawn O’Porter

By Claire Lavelle
The busy writer, fashionista and mum shares what keeps her centered

BOB By Dawn O'Porter Pop Up Boutique Launch Party1. Being busy makes me happy
I’m definitely more productive the more I have to do. I’m pretty organised and keep my head together, although I will admit to a quick squirt of Rescue Remedy when writing deadlines are looming and everything else seems to need to be done by yesterday. A couple of years ago, things were very quiet work-wise, which I didn’t enjoy. So I try not to moan and feel grateful for the opportunities.

2. I want to do it all
I have a strong sense that I’m going to run out of time,’ she says. ‘I’m 36 – the same age my mum was when I lost her to breast cancer.

It [losing my mum] is definitely a driving force. I feel like I need to make sure I do it all. I generally focus on the positive – but like anyone, I can get consumed in the minutiae and wallow a bit. Then I think, I have a healthy baby and a happy marriage – get a grip! A missed train (or lost-in- the-ether phone call – ahem) does not a disaster make.

3. LA hasn’t changed my health or fitness lifestyle
‘You eat a bit more healthily because it’s just one long summer, but really, we’re all just normal. Chris and I do slow-cooked pork, sausage casserole or Sunday roast for friends so it’s all very British; our American friends love it. I don’t go to the gym. I had a membership once – I think I had a shower there and never went back. I walk my dog, Potato, and swim. I feel fit and healthy; that’s enough for me.

4. My fashion sense is straightforward
‘I’ve had the same haircut since I was seven, essentially,’ she says. ‘I tried a few different styles; they never really felt like me so I got the bob back a couple of years ago. I’ve never had a stylist. I don’t like being controlled that way – it’s so commercial and means people don’t wear what they love.’

5. Passion drives me
‘Without passion, a project is doomed to fail,’ she says. ‘It has some surprising benefits, too: before BOB, I didn’t have a clue how to run a business or even work out a percentage – I failed maths GCSE. But BOB is my passion, I’m getting my head around it; pushing my limits a bit. Because now it’s meaningful.’

Dawn O’Porter is an ambassador for Rescue Remedy.


My life lessons: Dawn O'Porter
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My life lessons: Dawn O'Porter
Dawn O'Porter wears many hats - writer, fashionista, mum - is driven by wanting to do it all. Here she shares her lifestyle rules.
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