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Kimberly Wyatt’s 5 steps to calm

By Ellie Hughes
How does the dancer-turned-foodie find balance?


If there’s one person who’s learned how to stay stress-free, it’s super-busy dancer-turned-MasterChef winner Kimberly Wyatt. Here are the foolproof ways the multi-tasking mum to one-year-old daughter, Willow, gets her healthy on.

1 Take time out
Meditation: I don’t work a nine-to-five day, so I fit things in as and when but I meditate regularly. Keeping the house stress-free means taking the time to work on yourself.

2 Get bendy
Hot yoga: It’s quite a juggle being a working mum and staying fit, but we’ve just worked it in to our family schedule. My husband (model Max Rogers) is great because we share roles. We both have to be fit and enjoy fitness as part of our jobs, so he’ll look after Willow while I go to a hot yoga or a dance class. I do something about four times a week. Dance is still my biggest passion – it’s therapeutic, it’s healthy, it’s fitness, it’s cool.

3 Inhale
Essential oils: If I feel a stress bug coming on I grab my essential oils and rub them and smell them. For sleep I use lavender; for baths I love rose; and when I need to brighten up my mood I use a bit of lemon. Bergamot is good for helping my husband get rid of his stress. He doesn’t know it, but I do it anyway – I just spray it into the room!

4 Create kitchen karma
Cooking: Surprisingly, this can be quite therapeutic. For me, it’s all about trying to have a bit of balance. I’ll make flapjacks, but instead of chucking in a bunch of sugar, I use honey instead. I’m always trying to find the natural alternatives. I really strive to create a sustainable home: using different ingredients, not wasting, growing your own food, understanding where what we eat comes from and just how good it can be when it’s really fresh. And food can build a bond between mum and baby – or dad and baby!

5 Stand by your mantras
My mantras: I live by these, which I have tattooed on me. On my back I have a Sanskrit saying: May all beings in all the worlds be happy and peaceful. On my wrist, I have: Love life – and I do!

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Kimberly Wyatt's 5 steps to calm
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Kimberly Wyatt's 5 steps to calm
Here are the foolproof ways that healthy cover star Kimberly Wyatt - multi-tasking mum to one-year-old daughter, Willow - gets her healthy on
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