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How to keep your nails healthy on holiday

By Roisin Dervish-O'Kane
Because even the best-loved fingernails can take a battering on your travels

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The summer holiday: great for getting your glow on, giving your skin a break from foundation and achieving that tousled beach-wave that’s just impossible to recreate at home. But sun, sea, sand and suitcases don’t spell such beautiful things for your nails.

Keep them strong, shiny and chip-free with beauty booking app TreatNOW’s beauty expert Sarah Hill’s top tips.

1. Don’t DIY
‘There’s nothing better than a pre-trip treatment to get you in the holiday mood. Practically speaking too, a salon polish lasts so much longer than an at-home job, and should take you through your trip without the need for a touch-up.’

2. Go short
‘You do a lot of of carrying, lifting, and pulling of suitcases whilst your away and without really thinking about it, you are putting a great pressure on your nails. Opting for a shorter nail style is much more practical and helps to keep your nails looking neater for longer.’

3. Avoid a packing disaster
‘Chips happen, so don’t forget to pack your nail varnish remover and spare nail varnish in your suitcase before you leave. But keep them in a separate zip bag to make sure there aren’t any spillages onto your clothing.’

4. Protect to perfect
‘Make sure you lather on your sunscreen, and don’t stop on your back and arms. Covering your hands and nails with a good SPF will protect your nails from any sun damage.’

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5. Drink loads of water
‘High amounts of alcohol consumption dehydrates your nails as well as your skin. Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water and pack a great hand cream and rub it into your nails as well as your hands whilst you eye up the next cosmo.’


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How to keep your nails healthy on holiday
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How to keep your nails healthy on holiday
Sun, sea and suitcases can damage even a perfectly-maintained set of fingernails. Keep your nails healthy with beauty expert Sarah Hill's 5 top tips
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