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Healthy Awards 2018: The Winners – food and drink

By Healthy Magazine
The food and drink faves whetting your appetite

Best Food Product

Treat your taste buds to these reader favourites

Manuka Doctor Manuka Honey Monofloral 100 MGO
Lab-tested so it’s guaranteed high-quality, this sweet treat is a store-cupboard essential. Manuka
is the only honey with antibacterial compound methylglyoxal (MGO), and is made by bees in the wilds
of New Zealand. Fans swear by its healing and health-giving promises and delicious taste – who doesn’t love honey on toast? Also add to facemasks or to sweeten smoothies.

Fry’s Rice Protein & Chia Nuggets
If you haven’t already tried these moreish, crunchy nuggets you’re in for a treat. Vegan and gluten- free, the nuggets are golden and crispy and contain protein, fibre and iron, plus are low in fat to contribute to a healthy, balanced diet. Meat eaters love them too. Fill your freezer.

Ibiza Superfoods Superfood Mixes
A range of mixes to sprinkle in a smoothie, over cereal, or into juice. The brand offers three formulae: its Disco Mix energises, Fit Mix has iodine to support thyroid function and green tea extract for weight management, while the Detox Mix blends algae, grasses and other botanicals for a healthy gut.


Best Drink Product

Quench your thirst and boost your health with these top tipples

Tiana Raw Coconut Water with real Pomegranate
Made straight from green coconuts and bottled within three hours of opening the fruits, this is as close as you can get to those delicious fresh-from-the-tree coconuts that lucky holidaymakers sup on pristine Thai beaches. What’s more, it’s given a fruity pomegranate twist. Packed with important minerals such as potassium, it’s the perfect post-exercise hydration hit.

Purdey’s Rejuvenate Multivitamin Fruit Drink
Readers keep coming back to this classic as it gives a gentle boost. It’s a great-tasting alternative to caffeine and energy drinks, thanks to Chinese ginseng, used in traditional Asian medicine for millennia. The grape, apple and herbal extract delivers vitamins C, B2, B3, B6 and B12, and it counts as one of your five-a-day.

Virtue Sparkling Energy Water
This sugar-free, all-natural drink contains yerba mate, guarana
and ginseng to give the same amount of natural caffeine as a cup of coffee. Available in Lemon & Lime and Mixed Berry flavours, each can has vitamin B3 for skin health, B7 to help break down
fat and B6 and B12 for healthy red blood cells.


Best Snack Product

A well-timed treat helps us get through the day. Here are your best bites

Nakd Cocoa Orange Bar
These pocket-sized treats are just raw fruit and nuts with
a taste of chocolate orange
and all the satisfaction you
want from a snack. You enjoy them for the guilt-free goodness – they’re vegan, wheat-, gluten- and dairy-free, serve up protein to help build and repair tissues and include fibre, aiding digestion and overall health. All in 145cals. No wonder the reviews are full-on raves.

The Ginger People Gin Gins
This range of candy treats are loaded with ginger, which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties as well as potassium and fibre. The sweets are a remedy for nausea and indigestion, while giving a peppery kick, plus you can melt a piece in water to make tea. And you all agree that they taste delicious.

Eat Real Sea Salt Hummus Chips
A bag of these chips doesn’t last long at the healthy office, thanks to their light and tasty crunchiness and subtle salty taste. A fab, lower- fat alternative to crisps
– and tasty with dips, too.


Best Weight Management Product

The buys you stock up on when you’re watching your weight  

Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar
Drizzled over salads, in smoothies or on veg, or diluted as a drink,
this organic vinegar – which gets consistent five-star reviews – is a clear winner thanks to fans reporting better digestion, weight loss and as part of a detox diet. And you’re not the only ones who love it – Scarlett Johansson is said to dab apple cider vinegar to skin to nix a breakout, and model Miranda Kerr adds a splash of Bragg’s best to her salads.

Bootea Teatox
This tea is a hit thanks to cleansing ingredients like milk thistle leaves and dandelion greens – it’s a detox without laxative effects. All in two cups of tea a day, formulated for morning and bedtime. It’s said to reduce bloating and works as part of a weight-loss programme.

New Nordic Apple Cider Tablets
It’s clearly the year of apple
cider vinegar. We love New
Nordic’s tablets, which offer
the benefits of taking apple
cider vinegar to help break
down fats in the digestive system. Plus it contains
dandelion, is high in fibre and nutrients like vitamin C, and antioxidant-rich globe artichoke.


Brand of the year

Drumroll please…


You are all totally on board with the Nãkd range – delicious
snacks full of natural ingredients that pack
a nutritional punch. The brand – which is still quite young and based
in Britain – wins an award once again, so if you want to know what all the fuss is about… you know what to do.


The judging process:
We believe that transparency makes us trustworthy, so The
healthy Awards are voted for by you. In fact, more than 2200 of you picked your favourite products between June and July this year, with additional commendations awarded by the expert team at healthy magazine.