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5 things a happiness expert wants you to know

By Francesca Specter
The tips to turn that frown upside down


As today is International Happiness Day (March 20), we spoke to Natalie Savvides,  happiness expert and author of Full Circle (2016, Pegasus), whose mission is to ‘help every girl, teenager and woman feel less alone, and happier, by living their life their own way and being true to themselves’.

We love her straightforward advice, which is centred around improving our relationships with ours and ourselves in order to lead our most fulfilling lives. Here are her top 5 tips for maximising happiness:

Help others

We can’t overlook the good feelings generated by helping others. The joy we give to others is contagious and comes right back to us. Giving triggers the part of the brain responsible for feelings of reward and releases ‘feel good’ chemicals. The more you help others, the happier you feel.


By planning and organising our time better we rush around less and therefore stress less. Feeling and being in control of our day naturally enhances a sensation of wellbeing, encourages the day to go well and cultivates happiness. There is also less room for error, which can cause problems and worries for you.

3 Stop comparing!

Don’t compare the external worlds of others with your internal world. Lots of people project images that are not a true reflection of their real selves or lives. Comparisons are the thieves of joy!  

Be grateful

This cannot be underestimated. Focus on all the good things in your life and feel proper gratitude for them – right down to your health and the roof over your head. Feeling grateful and appreciative sparks happiness. The more you do it, and focus on what you do have as opposed to what you don’t have, the more it will come naturally.

5 Deep breaths

Remember to take deep breaths. Stop, listen to your breathing for a few seconds and take a big, deep breath. By doing this regularly you will feel more relaxed and energised. The deep intake of oxygen circulates and energises the body and mind.

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5 things a happiness expert wants you to know
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5 things a happiness expert wants you to know
We love happiness expert Natalie Savvides' advice on how to get the most out of life. We asked her top 5 tips for maximising happiness. Find them here.
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