Beauty / 14.05.2020
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By Healthy Magazine
Make clear skin a reality with Botanycl SkinClear Elixir, a 100 per cent plant-based formula to support normal skin function
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Over 70 per cent of women suffer with blemishes and problem skin at some point in their lives. It might not be a serious health issue, but feeling self-conscious about our skin can have ongoing consequences for our confidence, as Botanycl founder Caroline Sims knows all too well. When struggling with her own skin complaints, she started supplementing her diet with plant-based ingredients with hormone-balancing properties, and was amazed by the results – clear, calm skin. So she combined these herbal ingredients into one handy supplement – SkinClear Elixir. 

Herbal heroes

Key botanicals in SkinClear Elixir include saw palmetto berry, to help balance hormones and decrease inflammation, and acerola cherry, a vitamin C powerhouse which contributes to normal collagen formation and normal skin function. Botanycl believe clear skin is best achieved by supplementing our diet with natural ingredients which are grounded in science. The patent-pending blend is carefully formulated to support problem skin gently and effectively at the root.

What you say

‘I suffered with hormonal skin problems for a long time, and spent so much time and money trying new products. Nothing worked until I thankfully came across Botanycl. Within days of taking it,
I noticed a massive difference.’ Humeira

‘The difference in my skin has been instant! It’s smoother, calmer and less irritated – even when I’m on my period.’ Thahera

‘I’ve had hormonal skin for 13 years. Within the first week, my skin had become less inflamed. It’s changed both my skin and my mental health. Now I’m as confident as ever.’ Emily

Botanycl SkinClear Elixir (£24.99) contains 60 vegan capsules for a one-month supply. Find it at