Food / 12.02.2020
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Conquer your cravings

By Healthy Magazine
The delicious, protein-packed, low-sugar snack for any time you need satisfaction

Food cravings can be a real struggle – especially at this time of year when cold, wet weather can dampen your mood. Sometimes you just long for the taste of something delicious to give you a lift. But you also want satisfaction without compromising your healthy eating habits.

Now you can indulge your sweet tooth without compromising on nutrition, with new Quest Protein Cookies – soft and chewy cookies with less than 2g of sugar!

These aren’t just protein bars squashed into a cookie shape, but are soft, mouthwatering cookies loaded with inclusions and chunks – but without all the sugar and carbs. Think your favourite in-store bakery cookie with that indulgent texture and flavour, but one that is nutritionally advantageous and allows you to satisfy the cravings we all get – without compromising on your macros, or on taste.

Every Quest cookie is either <1g or <2g sugar, with 12-13g protein and high in fibre. And just like delicious Quest bars, they only use complete protein sources that provide all nine essential amino acids, rather than bulking up with incomplete sources like gelatine or collagen. Unlike maltitol, which raises blood sugar levels and is found in some other protein snacks and bars, Quest sweetens with erythritol, a low-sugar treat that does not impact blood sugars.

Quest Protein Cookies are available now in selected Holland & Barrett stores and online at, in three great flavours – Chocolate Chip, loaded with thick chocolate chunks; Double Chocolate, for that extra chocolatey hit; and Peanut Butter for those nut butter addicts.