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British Egg Week: cucumber and shrimp soup

By Francesca Specter
This makes a cracking weekday supper


This Egg Week (10-17 October), British Lion eggs have provided us with a delicious Asian-inspired soup recipe that showcases those golden yolks. Perfect for the autumnal weather, it’s the filling comfort food that we’re craving right now, without being too heavy.

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Combining protein-rich shrimp with fragrant basil and refreshing cucumber, the dish makes a truly satisfying weekday supper. Crack an egg on top and you’ll have an Instagram-worthy feast to tuck into – we’d call that eggsellent.

Serves 2
600ml vegetable stock
1/2 cucumber (peeled, sliced into 3cm thick rough cubes)
12 shrimp, de-veined, peeled and cleaned
3 tbsp light soy sauce
½ tbsp dark brown sugar
1 small pinch ground white pepper
2 beaten British Lion eggs
Fried garlic (either buy from a shop or just lightly fry sliced garlic in vegetable oil)
1 small handful Thai basil (normal basil also works fine)
2 British Lion eggs (optional – for topping)


1 In a pan add the stock, soy sauce, white pepper, sugar and cucumber and bring to the boil. Cook gently for a few minutes to soften the cucumber.
2 Next add the shrimp and continue to cook until they are cooked throughout.
3 Spin the mixture and crack two eggs into the soup causing them to scramble as they enter the moving soup.
4 At the same time add the remaining eggs to a pan of simmering water and soft boil for five minutes, then remove and peel the shell.
5 Rip the egg in half and add to the soup along with a handful of fresh Thai basil and crispy garlic and serve. Adjust seasoning if needed to suit your own taste.

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